Thursday, June 19, 2014

A feel good day

What a lovely morning... the temp is 96 but somehow it is not hot---- yet. Of course the sun is still rising and there are a few clouds overhead. Any morning that I can open the sliders and sit outside is a treat. Yesterday was also such a morning.I took my stitching and music outside and sat for an hour under the turquoise umbrella and this little darling joined me

It looks like he is suspended in air but he is sitting on the very tip of a branch. I am captivated by these tiny birds. They usually are not frightened by us and will come very close.  He sat about 6 feet away with me for a long time. Occasionally he flitted off to get some nectar from a nearby bush... the name of which escapes me.... then right back to his perch. I am still stitching on Clematis and my hands are itching to start another project.

I hope to pick up an oldie that has just a small area to finish. It is sitting on my craft table as a reminder that it is next. My thought is that if I have it in front of me daily, I will pick it up and work on it. I will tell you that it is Christmas and I started it long ago... more on that later. I have not forgotten my posting for our trip out west...first I want to say how lucky I am to have you as friends and enjoy your kind words.Thank you for your visit with me, Have a great day.
Arizona Bound
Well these past weeks have been to pack what is coming and keep boxes labelled and organized. There is an area for what will travel with us, what will be tossed and what will go for the yard sales. I plan to have one each weekend for a couple of weeks. Dennis has filed the retirement papers with the City of Providence for Retirement. His last work day will be June 30. I am glad that I have not been working so that I can really get things organized. On June 1st we signed the papers to sell the house. I have loved this cottage so much as well as the seclude yard. So many family cook-outs and days stitching in the garden. So many wonderful memories connected here. There is still so much to do. How to fit 12 years and 8 rooms of this house into the 3 room apartment in Phoenix. The apartment... how strange it will be to live in an apartment again. I sent all the papers for the apartment lease as well as a check... now I am paying a mortgage and rent! As soon as we have a moving date I will set up for utilities and rental for a truck. One minute I am excited for the adventure that awaits us, the next I have concerns.... then there is the knowledge that we will be saying goodbye to family and friends. I wish Dennis would stop asking where we will put everything, how we will manage this, and I see the look in his eyes when he is continuing the care of his garden that he must leave behind. Life will be different.


Julie said...

Your little feathered friend is beautiful.
Have a lovely day Gracie. x

KimM said...

Take care, Gracie -
love your pictures -

cucki said...

aww cuteeeeeeeeeeeee..
sweet kisses x

Vickie said...

How fortunate you are to have hummers so close to you!
I am feeling your emotions in the Arizona Bound story. I almost feel myself getting anxious when I read the entries for crying out loud! ;)