Sunday, April 13, 2014

On the work table

There is a smell of rain in the morning air. We all know here in The Valley most likely there will be no rain...just a hint of it. The sun is just starting to shine and warm the air. Forecast is for cooler weather today... under the 90 mark. Mr H and I have no specific plans for today, but here is what is on the table in my room....

Tatting, cross stitch and fabric. I have added another spoke to the Thistle motif... 3 to go before the dreaded connection. I decided to just take my time with this one.
Then there is a cross stitch.... do you recognize it? I guess it would not be easy with how I picture it...but it is All is Well With My Soul, the freebie from By The Bay Needleart. Ah, new fabric! All will be in one project...sort of a secret right now. Although the person receiving it does not read my blog as far as I know... still mum for now.
I am so pleased with this selection.... it is just what I was hoping to find. Susan from Arizona Quilts was so helpful when I explained my project.  No, the purchase was not at Jo Ann's. They just did not have what I needed. I am  a bit nervous to start this as I am not really a quilter. I was taught the basics and made a few quilts many years ago with the help of a fantastic quilter named Beatrice Angell. The quilts we made were all for raffles and raised money for the Activity Fund of the nursing facility where I worked and her mom was a resident. I picked a simple pattern and of course you know me... I am making changes. This time there will be no beads added! Some hand embroidery and definitely color and fabric changes...  Just look at the fabulous prints. Some Southwest with a bit of girly print. Are you wondering yet??? Mr H is a little skeptical about the matching of the fabric. I bet some of you are too..... I plan to start cutting tomorrow. Measure twice cut once, or in my case measure 4 times hopefully cut once!
Today is Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week....I am not a religious person but I do follow and repect the Catholic Church teachings. I tell you this so you will not be expecting a religious notation, just a quick story of when I was just a 7 year old. Mom, sis and I returned from church service with our palm. As was our custom we would visit with Grandma and Papa and the aunts and uncles and give them a piece of our palm. As Lynowl and I sat separating the strips of palm, mom could hear us..."this is for ....and this is for...." She asked... "I did not hear you say one for daddy" to which I promptly replied, these are for our relatives, he is not a relative, he is our daddy". You see, the nuns had said to share with our relatives, she said nothing about daddies.
Glad you came to visit today....your friendship is treasured. Have a great day.... and remember daddies are relatives!


Julie said...

Have fun with the quilting, nice fabrics.

cucki said...

Have fun dear x

Vickie said...

tee hee! That is a cute story of yours. :)
Your projects look wonderful. Love the colors. As you know, I did All Is Well.

Andrea said...

Lovely fabrics. A great story too. :)