Saturday, April 12, 2014

As the sun sets in the West

I just read through my newest book on Stump-work...ugh.... going to take some learning... but I know I am ready, or will be.... maybe next week I can fit it in... maybe. I just can't help myself. I see all these wonderful needle-crafts and my eyes convince my hands to buy. It's all Ester's fault and that's my story and I am sticking to it! I am still like a kid with the runny nose... it is not a fun way to work. My hands are so dry from all the sanitizing washing. We can't use hand lotion while cutting fabric so as not to stain it, so once home I apply lotion constantly...just a big circle. Mr H is feeling much better since stopping the new medication. He will be seeing an Orthopedic surgeon in a couple of weeks... maybe he will have some answers. It is tough to get old sometimes! Did I hear you ask about the Thistle tatting? I finally figured out what was wrong, so I have started it over and I am taking my time. I have a plan for the 2 pieces that I can not use as a will see them this weekend if I can do as I am thinking. I have added more to the Doll stitching. I thought about a picture update, but I will wait on that. I am getting ready to mail a Bunny Box gift out to 3 children back in RI. and I am trying to send a few RAKs out too. I make myself tired just typing about it all!
Is this not just a beautiful sun setting picture? This is what we saw as we returned home from dinner last evening..... I am always in awe of the skies here. Oh I know, skies are beautiful everywhere. But sometimes with the mountains or the palm trees they are like picture post cards. I just never tire of looking up day or night. Then there is the wildlife.... just last week, while walking home from our HOA meeting, one of the gentleman called for me to wait so he could walk me home since it was dark. If he had not held me up for that minute, I would have walk right into 2 coyotes who were crossing my path. We were so close, a few more steps and I would be saying excuse me!
Arizona Bound
May something, 2004.
Each time we vacation in Arizona we stay at the Hilton at Tapitio Cliffs. The view from this resort is magnificent. The entire place is built into the side of a mountain. Each time I wanted to stay and not return to RI. This time we are here on business.... need to find an apartment. I had been researching places on the computer so now we just need to visit them to really see them. The first one said the combined weight of our two small pooches was over the limit. Now really, a schnauzer who was 18 lbs and a pug who was 20 lbs.... well we did not really like it there anyway. The receptionist suggested a place we never thought of. The complex which was right next to our lovely resort! They were only too happy to have Sherlock and Zoe move in with us. We picked out 2 possible apartments that were expected to be vacant within our time frame. How easy was that. This all in the first day of looking. Meant to be. The rest of the week was going to be vacation time....yippee. This time we returned to RI knowing that the next time in Arizona would be living there. I will not bore you with all the month... there were the comments that vacationing and living there would be different---how could we be doing this at our age----. My sister Lynowl had one day of hysterics about my leaving. My mother was still in disbelief. Brother Alan was quiet about it. I did not listen because in my heart I knew this was the right thing to do at the right time. Another line to cross off the lists. There were a few new things to add to the lists...when would I stop adding? 
Thanks for following along on our journey. Thank you too, for the kind words. I have learned a very valuable lesson in my life.....


Vickie said...

That sounds like it is a fantastic resort.

Deb said...

I am curious to see your future Stump Work projects, I have hands that think they can do whatever my eyes see whether its stitching, beading or pottery. My heart wants to try Gold Work but I don't think my fingers are ready, yet.

Love Sunset

cucki said...

Yup sound like a lovely resort..
Hugs x

Julie said...

A beautiful sunset picture.

stitchersanon said...

I have a little stump work kit I bought to try it. I havent had the courage yet..perhaps we could stump together xxxxx