Thursday, April 10, 2014

Days gone by

Another one of those weeks where time escaped me..... I just wished it took me along. No, not really. I have been stitching and relaxing and Mr H has been gardening. I could swear he said there was no more room for any new plants... guess I heard wrong. Which brings us to the Poppy issue. Someone Some-bunny ate the poppy buds.... that is what I said. Mr H bought a lovely yellow poppy plant with almost a dozen buds. One of them did get to open, but the others disappeared! Just recently we have been seeing the most adorable tiny bunnies.... and they are living in the cactus at the end of the cul-de-sac. I know this because I have seen them coming and going from there. Our home is just at this end of the road and Our back gate is very close.... getting the picture? Last year at this time we did have flowers being bitten off at the tip of stems but could not figure out why...different story this time.

Yes my friends, I do believe that this tiny bundle of fluff is one of those responsible for the theft of our poppies. But look at that face.... he/she is only about 7 inches long...and oh such tiny tiny feet. I usually see two of them but they are adventurous enough to wander separately around the courtyard. Back to the poppy. Our back gate has about a 3 inch space beneath it. Mr H has now blocked off access to the yard with a gate. The poppy plant with it's lonely flower sits up on the table out of reach...(a bit too late I think). I should have captured the look on Mr H's face with my camera when he found the lone poppy... too funny.
We are in a heat wave already ... temps are hitting high 80's and low 90's.... I guess Spring has sprung a leak and left town.
Today I will start the story of our journey from RI to AZ ten years ago.
Arizona Bound
April 10, 2004
Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and the day we tell the family about our plans. It has been 3 years in the making and a long kept secret. I think my plan is working well. Our return vacations to Arizona have been investigations into the areas we may want to live. One more trip and we will find an apartment to live in for at least one year while we continue to explore our new state. I have so many lists of what to do...  lists of things here and lists of things there. Dennis seems a little apprehensive at times. This was his idea in the first place...from his first trip to Arizona for a Patriot/Cardinal football game in 2000. Didn't he call me the first night there and said "this is where I want to live when I retire". I know this will work out. I think dessert time will be a good time to tell them...or we could wait until the for sale sign is up on the lawn.
Tomorrow is another day in our story.... thanks for stopping by... talk with you again tomorrow...have a good day.


Vickie said...

What a sweet little thief!
You must have kept a journal? How very interesting to read. :)

cucki said...

Aww so cute..kisses for the sweet fellow :) and for you too dear friend xx

Lelia said...

What a sweet bunny - probably didn't eat the blossoms!!! Too cute to scold. Good luck with Arizona - I confess I've never visiting that state. I don't know where to retire. Tho, there are days when being a home-owner isn't fun & apartment or condo living seems appealing!

Heather said...

The Easter Bunny came early to your place. How wonderful to look back and remember.

Julie said...

Your little 'bud thief' is really sweet.

Silverlotus said...

The bunny is very cute, but I'd be sad too if it ate my flowers.

Thank you for sharing the story of how you decided to move. I look forward to reading more.

I can also relate to the idea of knowing where you want to live when you retire. After our first trip to the Caribbean, I told my husband that one day we would have to move somewhere where we can hear the ocean waves.

Shirlee said...

How fun it must be to go back & read your journals! I always regret that I didn't keep one all these years. That bunny is adorable : )