Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Hostess

As a Hostess, she has much to learn. Less noisy to start with. Being less apprehensive. The she is Ms Zoe who received visitors yesterday. Yes, that is correct...Zoe played hostess to Sonya and Jacob. I work with Sonya at Jo Ann's and Jacob is her son. Zoe has visited Sonya at work one day but Jacob wanted to meet her. They came with sliced turkey from the deli which was a good move on their part. Food is a good way to get to Zoe. She initially barks like crazy and then calms down. It did help that Jacob sat on the floor and fed her turkey. Zoe does not get to see too many people and she is a very shy pooch, always has been. Jacob has been invited back to visit Zoe and join Mr H for a movie.  Mr H has a movie projector system which makes home movies delightful.I think they decide on Alien. Not my kind of movie!
It has been soooo hot...and with it being Monsoon season, a little humidity. This means totally indoors. I will be at work stitching. I did get some X's in yesterday but have not taken new pictures. I will do that tomorrow. Right now I need another cup of coffee and granola. So, thanks for stopping by and chatting. Have a great day.


And This Little Pig said...

Jacob seems like a very smart young man, get on side with the head of the house :@. Food works with Meah and the Long Dogs.

LiBBiE in Oz

thegreytail said...

food works with me as well! :D
let's keep holding on Grace, 95° here..
but rain will come, it's my mantra: rain is just about to come!