Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Help I've fallen and can't get up"...and more

Well, more stitching yesterday after running a few errands. This piece needs to be finished and in the mail... really soon. I know it will be. Here is a peek at another section...
It isn't much to see but that is all I can show for now. I am really enjoying this one and have not stitched on HAED Iris....it is a break from small X's. Today when I go to work I will pick up a frame for this piece. Then ASAP it will be in the post.
We are having heat advisory warnings again today. It was 108 here yesterday and the cool down will be around Thursday when the temp should be 95! So much for a cool down. Normally we are in the mid 90's for May...too hot too soon. What will July and August hold? I at least will get a heat break when I travel to RI early August.

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Now a word from Madame Muriel
"Help, I've fallen and can't get up!"
Yep, I took a tumble and don't even remember doing so! I waited  and finally because Ms Zoe came into the room a few times, Gracie decided to find out why. Ms Zoe does not visit the Guest/Sewing room too often so I aksed her to alert Gracie and I guess she did. It took a few walks in and out before Gracie paid her any mind. I did not get hurt as the carpet cushioned my fall.
This is where I have been sitting. I get to move to different places in the house. This is the bookcase which has some of Gracie's stitched things and there is a large window that faces the Courtyard and front porch area. From here I get to watch the bunnies and lizards romp around. The baby Quail have been so cute to watch. It was just too hot for me to go anywhere these past few days, so Gracie and I enjoyed a few movies and stitching.  Today I will go to work with her and pick out a frame so we can post this newest project to ******. You did not think I was going to spill the beans did you?
Well, I must get back to supervise Gracie's stitching. Yesterday I had to point out that a few stitches were not right. Good thing I know what I am doing! Glad you chatted with me, and of course Gracie. She really does read all your kind words and email and visits many places. Have a great day.....


Stitching Noni said...

Madame Muriel, so good to hear that you didn't hurt yourself when you fell. Just as well Ms Zoe found you - lucky she didn't try to pick you up herself!

Stitching looks lovely - can't wait to finally see it all :o)

Stay cool.....

Annette-California said...

Your glimpses of the 1st photo are lovely stitching. Can't wait to see what it is. Wow you are having some very hot days. Thank goodness for air conditioning. Madame Muriel is lucky to have you to go to her rescue.