Sunday, October 16, 2011

Company to stitch with~~~

Look who sat with me as I stitched out on the patio this morning~~~ a female Costa's Hummingbird. It is hard to see, but a lovely iridescent green is on her tiny body. We sat together for a short time ... until the morning warmth started to chase me inside. She was about 3 feet away and not bothered by me at all.
I may have been tired after my shift at Jo Ann's yesterday ... but I did manage to find the strength to purchase some Christmas fabric...
Just a few pieces ....hard to see but the burgandy print and the green print ... the swirls are metallic gold.

And just look at this one! Christmas butterflies..... oh so sweet. Just a suttle hint of glitter gold in the wings and pine needles.No clue whare or what to do with it yet but I am sure I will find something.
WEll, I plan a stitchy day with football games.... the Patriots will be televised here in AZ so we will get to watch our team. Hope you all have a marvelous day.
p.s. .... Mr H is having a fairly good day...toes are crossed ... the fingers will be stitching!


Mouse said...

ooo she is pretty and lovely fabric you have got there :) and glad to here Mr H is doing better and I hope you managed to get some stitching done :) take care too :) love mouse xxxxx

Cardygirl said...

Love your sewing companion...glad Mr H is having a good day!

Cindy said...

what a neat little your fabric :D..especially the butterfly one....glad to hear the news on Mr. H....take care

SoCal Debbie said...

The fabric looks wonderful! It reminds me of Christmas wrapping paper!