Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some days~~~

Lately I seem to be loosing track of time. It just gets away from me and I can not get it back! We had a very quiet and relaxing Sunday...the ham was so good. I had a busy Monday...My monthly stitch group and then we had our Spring Luncheon. home to go with Mr H for an MRI...then some errands to run....things to get organized for today. What is today...yes, it is Tuesday, but it is also the day my brother Alan arrives for his visit.
He is 11 years younger than me, but can be the big bro when needed. Sorry to say that the visit is only 3 days, but I will enjoy every minute with him. He tries to come out every Spring, just him...sis in law and niece remain in RI.
On the stitch front...
I did a bit more in my "spare" time....and I did pick up my challenge piece again...for that, meet me at my other place.
It is so nice to have you visit with me...enjoy your day.

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Cardygirl said...

Have a great visit.