Monday, February 12, 2018

Off to see The Wizard

Oh what a gloomy morning. The sky is grey and the air has a chill. They say it may rain and it certainly does feel like it will.
Yesterday Honey, AKA Keith, came by and I got a few computer lessons. He makes it all so simple! He also moved my fabric bin for me. So the doll will get some clothes....still in the stuff her stages. Then we watched some of the Olympics before he headed home. The chicken and escarole soup did get made but not the Pizzelles and we know I will be a bit loopy this afternoon so not today either. I will be off to see The Wizard doctor later this morning for the right leg procedure then I will have matching set.  The steri-strip from the incision came off and of course there was a little bleeding. I remembered all the medical supplies I had to get when Denny was ill and sure enough, I had steri-strips so I am all patched up.
I guess I should talk about the Dove couple.

Doves mate for life....which is good but also sad if something happens to one of them. They have a great system for raising their 2 younglings. One is with the nest at all times. He sits on the nest during the day and then they switch off and she remains for the evening. Once the babies feather out then they can be left for periods during the day. I do not know when they decide that their mate is gone and it is time to move on, and how long they remain by themselves. It seems that is what happened here with my Dove pair. One returns everyday and sits before flying off. The one egg will never be nurtured. I will remove it so that maybe another pair may come along and stay. As sad as it is, it is what nature is all about. When you open your garden to all you must accept that.
Glenda will be taking me again today and it will be the last of her escorting. I so appreciate her as my friend. Glad you stopped by and I thank you for your kind words and for caring about me. Thank you for your friendship.
****22 days but who's counting!**** 


Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

I hope your other leg dosen't hurt too much. Poor dove. I have lots of them here, they like to sit on my porch steps in the sun shine. glad your fabric bin is now where you can get at it. Yes, the count down has begun. Always something or someone to look forward to. hugs

Tiffstitch said...

Good luck with the procedure, and I'm so sorry about the dove.

Julie said...

Sad news about your dove family.
Hoping the leg surgery goes well and you are soon pain free ready for brother Alan's

Brigitte said...

I hope the procedure didn't cause as much pain as the last one.
Sorry that the dove left their nest and moved somewhere else.

Vickie said...

I am praying for you and your procedure Gracie. Take it easy.

Parsley said...

My heart is a little sad about the doves but I do know it's all a part of the circle of life. Hope things go well with your procedure. Your package should be there...

diamondc said...

Hi Gracie: I hope your leg is feeling better soon, ouch.
I love birds we feed them all year the yard in back has 7 bird feeders the front has just as many, it is a beautiful sound to hear them sing while eating and visiting.