Saturday, February 17, 2018

Can I forget last evening?

The sun is shining and there is a nip to the air. Finally there we have winter temps and it is almost Spring! The garden will not know what is going on!
I lost a you may be thinking... The Brother Alan and I found so many keys and no clue about them some months ago.
In the picture: the round key fob are my house keys, then there is a garage door key then there are 3 front door keys! then a bunch of "those secret keys" and then the lone kitchen door key.
The lost key is to the kitchen door to/from the garage. I almost looked myself in the garage last evening! I had a moment of panic but stopped the door from closing then thought no big deal there is a key here. It was then that I looked for the key and it was not there. I did feel panic. What if...I had not caught the would I get into the house....I could, I had no phone with me...I could leave by the garage door and go to Glenda and Don's. they have a, they have a key to open the garage door only. I spent one hour in the garage looking for where the key had disappeared to. Finally I gave up but it weighed on my mind throughout the rest of the evening and into this morning. First thing this morning I began to look again...but along the way I began to do at least 10 things. I actually overwhelmed myself and all before a cup of coffee. So I had my coffee and gave up on all the little projects and went into the garage and found the key! In the process I found 2 more keys. Why I did not put it back where I usually did is a mystery. You do know that Glenda and Don will be getting a copy of this key ASAP. I think I will pretend that last evening never happened.
I had a lot of aches and discomfort with my right leg yesterday and all this playing in the garage will not help me today so it is a day of rest for me now. My tatted motif is almost finished and the doll is still headless! That will be my goal today. Glad you visited and listened to my tale of woe. Thank you for the kind words and for your friendship.
LuLu if you are reading this....I got your lovely card and I miss you too. Thank you. Glenda, well what can I say...she and I have been sharing a cup of tea here and there and I would be lost without her. (these gals do not blog). Friends, I treasure you more than I can say.
*****Countdown to arrival...16 days****


Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

Yes, we can forget last night ever happened and start a new day. You need to relax and enjoy your day. I am giving you a very big hug, do you feel it. take care xxx

Vickie said...

Yep, forget it. Pick a safe place and store the keys there. :D

RJ said...

Good advice Gracie...put that day behind you and just take it easy today. I do things like that a lot and I do panic too. Perhaps you could make a cute necklace and attach an extra key to it so it would always be nearby. I was always putting my purse down in stores and leaving them and of course major panic set in. I have resorted to a very small one that hangs on my neck so I'm not constantly looking for where in the world did I leave my purse.

Have a good weekend. Looking forward to your finishing up the tatting. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Rose Marie Della Ventura said...

Yes, forgetting yesterday is a good idea. Rest that leg and take care of yourself. I'm having to lay low. This week of being sick. My flu turned into pneumonia. My immune system is compromised so I have a harder time fighting illness. One day at a time, right Gracie. Take care of yourself.

Janice said...

*smh that's an awful feeling trying to recall where something was put for safe keeping. Glad it all turned out ok for you. Try to stay off your leg periodically so it can heal....

Julie said...

So pleased everything turned out well in the end for you and the key as found.
Take it easy and rest lots.
love and {hugs} x

Vicki said...

So glad you found your key! I've gotten in the habit of always having my cell phone in my pocket for situations like this. I learned from a friend who had a similar situation... Take care of your leg and rest today!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Oh dear, not an adventure you want to repeat!
You should carry all your keys on a big key chain like a caretaker!

diamondc said...

Oh my goodness Gracie, I had that happen to me more then once, we finally put in a key box on the railing so any key to any door is available. I have also given keys to a trusted neighbor.
I hope you leg does not hurt too bad.