Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Umbrella mystery solved

Oh the day is still dark (5:30 AM) and already very warm at 85 degrees...they say it will be 105 today. Other that the 11:30 AM doctor appointment I have a "free" day with no plans. The weather predicts that the Monsoon will be returning with rains, winds and dust.
If the Goldfinch has anything to say, the red umbrella although faded but not going to trash, will be destroyed in no time~~~~
Do you see all the strings hanging along the edge? This appears on more than one place around the umbrella. I had been curious as to how this was happening. I happened to catch this guy pulling at them! I first I thought he was falling off the umbrella but then I saw him tugging away. Just what I need, Goldfinches!
The mail arrived and so did this
A lovely note card and a hand painted canvas of a feather, (She found this at a craft fair.) Jo sent me such caring words and the card has a sweet poem on the backside. In Jo's note she wrote, "the belief is that if you see a white feather it means someone in Heaven is watching over you". I now feel that she is also watching and caring. I value our friendship too dear friend.
I sat outside yesterday morning with my coffee and before I knew what was happening I began to clean and rearrange the lanai. All because as I sat listening to Michael Crawford, the sound of the waterfall and sipping the coffee, I thought about painting the shelves and removing 2 of them to use in the house. One thing led to another and I was washing the floor and moving things around. Well, now at least if I have the comfy weather it is clean and waiting. I thought about taking away the vases with the twigs but the little hummer came in and out and I thought better not...

as soon as I finished and came inside to clean up he appeared on his twig. So, it will remain on the shelf for his pleasure....and mine. Just a little thing but it makes my day to see him in the lanai resting out of the elements.
This week I should think about a few ornaments to make and tat more Denny's Angels. I will be sending them to friends and then will try to send if someone asks. Guess I should try to accomplish a few things around the house. Always a pleasure to chat with you and I thank you for your kind words and friendship. Let's have a good day.


Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

you have been busy, hummy looks happy, I would love one of your angels. hugs have a great day and try no to clean up too much.

Vickie said...

Did Jo paint the feather? Love that gift.
You are so nice and sweet to leave the twigs for the hummer. ♥

Janice said...

Michael Crawford's music is so relaxing....and obviously inspiring too! Gotta tackle things when you get in the mood. Me too.
You've got some busy birds around and sounds like you have a special spot for them like me.
Veey nice gift from your friend always on our minds and in our hearts ❤
Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day!

Vicki said...

What a sweet little hummingbird! Looks like he's very comfortable on your twigs.

Daffycat said...

HaHaHa! I love your story about the finches and the umbrella! Finches can be ornery. I have a flock of them (house & gold) that sit on the clay planters on my back patio. They pick sand out of the clay pots and eat all the leaves off the rose moss. The planters are misshapen over the years and by the end of every summer my rose moss is bare! Darn birds!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I did not paint the feather myself! A lovely lady at a craft fair did. I also didn't write the poem on the back of the card, another lovely lady did that as well as the artwork of the hare and the mouse.

I did do all my own handwriting though LOL

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

That was a beautiful message you wrote today. It appears that there are lots of lovely birds watching out for you...and you for them. That is such a lovely and touching gift to have received. You are blessed! Andrea

butterfly said...

Hello gracie, looks like you have been busy .
How lovely that Jo sent you a white feather hand painted .
She is one of many beautiful friends you have around you hugs.

Julie said...

A very heartfelt gift from Jo.

Brigitte said...

Funny that the goldfinch has been "working" on your umbrella, lol. The birds seem to love your place and so nice that you will keep the vases and twigs for the little hummingbird.
Wonderful gift from Jo.

Leonore Winterer said...

Maybe that goldfinch is in search of material for nest building?