Monday, July 31, 2017

Teddy and a rocker

When I woke this morning the temp was 90 at 4 AM...well, not I knew that I was not going to be working on the pond. So, I thought well I can get an earlier start on sewing my teddy bear....all was going well until I broke the needle. Of course it was the only one that I could use for the denim and then I could not even find my other sewing machine needles! When 9 AM rolled around I drove to the quilt shop and bought the required  needles. Home I arrived to find the other we have plenty of machine needles.
Here is a peek so far. Needed to take a break so that I could cry and not on the teddy. I am listening to music and one of these songs just set me off. Typing through tears is a little easier. Almost every CD in this house will do this to me at one time or was all the music we loved to listen to. Okay...enough of that.
Glenda and Don advised me on how to properly clean my little  rocker.
It looks so nice. I used Murphy's Oil Soap first and let it thoroughly dry. Then I used Howard Feed -N-Wax...Beeswax and Orange Oil. I put 2 coats on it. Buffing it out seems to be a problem as it still feels a little oily. I guess a bit more elbow grease before anyone can sit it. Yesterday I washed my many tea cups   and tea pots.
There are on my baker's rack...for now. I am thinking of getting another curio for them. For now, they look fine here...
Memories for each of them. Across the room are a few more

Some of these date back to 1964 and forward. the last 2 are the Dragonfly that Denny bought me and the bright red poppy on the top shelf that has my name and was given to me by LisaW.
I guess it is time to think about lunch.  A few days last week I skipped lunch and I am trying to keep to at least 3 meals a day. I think a simple sandwich will do with a glass of fruity iced water. 
Can not believe this month has already ended...where has the time gone? I am happy that you had time to visit with me today. Thank you for the kind words and most of all your friendship. Let's have a good day.


Vickie said...

You have been one busy, little bee. Your home looks so nice Gracie. Your displays look lovely. Well done my friend. Beautiful.

Anthea said...

Hi Gracie - goodness all those teacups & teapots look so pretty... I love the way you have arranged them on the bakers stand...
I think of you often, still in this time of adjusting to life without your adored Dennis & continue to send you my good wishes.

Vicki said...

Your collection of tea pots and cups is lovely. I like them displayed on the baker's rack - very colorful. Your little rocking chair is awesome.

Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

Love all your tea cups and tea pots. Needles do run away and come back. Big hugs

Brigitte said...

Hmmm, how I know this: You can't find a thing and when you re-buy it you find the disappeared item. Seems to happen to all of us from time to time :)
You have a wonderful collection of tea cups and tea pots, Gracie. And they look really good on the baker's rack.

Julie said...

A beautiful collection of tea cups and teapots you have displayed on the bakers stand, it looks very inviting. I can imagine you sitting with friends having tea/cake and chatting away.
Songs have the habit of creeping up and surprising us with memories that make us laugh or cry when least expected, go with whatever feels right, its all part of the grieving process.
love and {hugs}

Leonore Winterer said...

I love your tea cups...your house must be a real sight, filled with so many pretty things!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Isn't that always the way with lost things? They turn up when you've replaced them!
Love your china collection, so many beautiful pieces there.
Songs will always make me cry, they bring back so many memories of times and places.

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