Sunday, July 30, 2017

It's all about the curio today

Last evening came the pouring rain and a bit of thunder. I do not like these storms! Today is beginning with very overcast skies and muggy. Actually there is a light drizzle falling. Now I have dirty rain water in the pond...and that means another morning (not today) cleaning it out and I better finish the cleaning this time and get regular water back in so this will not happen again. I am hoping that the waterfall connection is clear and I can figure the rock formation so that it will fall properly. For now, I may have to just put it back as a fountain. Two steps forward and one back. But, what I want to show you is my new curio
Doesn't it look lovely next to my chair? On Saturday Don took me to get it  and yesterday Glenda  (they are a team) and I arranged this and that for the shelves.
It is a perfect size; 59"x32"x13". This is the top of the curio. Both the angel and the dragonfly piece at the far right have a battery candle. So very pretty at nighttime. The stitched piece of violets  and the ornament is a piece of turquoise and copper.
 Remember to ignore reflections...mirror backing can be difficult! This is shelf one with angels, fairy and angel wings with a piece of tatting. On shelf 2, is my Cinderella...a couple of glass blown pumpkins as well as the coach and glass slipper and the Disney glass coach pin. Of course my stitched coach too.  In front of the Angels is a glass ball sitting on frogs. The front left is a Lenox dragonfly and sitting on the velvet slipper pillow is a beautiful hand painted needle box that I received as a gift from KimM.
On the third shelf is my needlework doll and the two Victorian ladies that Mr H bought for me when I first visited Arizona. They look lovely with the mirror to reflect the intricate back of their clothing. I decided to put the rose trimmed mirror here to help preserve it. In front of the ladies is a lovely dish with raised roses around the top from Italy. It was given to me 47 years ago ...a gift from Denny's cousin Tootsie that I treasure.  On the bottom of the curio are two Faeries sitting pretty and in the center is a fairy  atop a glass bubble. So pleased with this curio purchase as well as how Glenda and I filled it. Totally feels feminine with my treasures.
This weather has me feeling tired. I was ambitious yesterday morning and I made delicious Pizzelles. Today not ambitious at all. Maybe some teddy bear sewing as it all ready for the machine. Right now I need to finish my coffee. So glad to chat with you today. Thank you for the kind words and for your friendship. Let's have a good day.


Shelly said...

The new curio is beautiful as is all the items you filled it with. I'm with you on the storms, lots of lightning and thunder last night with some lightning a little too close for comfort but today it is nice and cool. I'm not feeling too ambitious today myself! Take care!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

When I was growing up my mum had a china cabinet where all the "good" china was put along with special ornaments. It's lovely to see your display cabinet with all your special pieces Grace.

Karyn said...

Your new curio is gorgeous, and each and every treasure is beautiful inside and on top of it. Enjoy your new treasure and may it bring you joy, Gracie.
Ugh I hate storms, we used to have vicious one in both Texas and CT, but we don't have many in CA. You have had more than your fair share, enough already.
Good luck with the pond, don't over do it and drink your water.
Have a good day

Karyn said...

Oops...not your pond water, never your pond water...LOL. Yes, I am a loon ;)

Vicki said...

Your cabinet and it's contents look lovely!

Vickie said...

Your cabinet and chair are just lovely Gracie. Such treasures you have. You surely needed that cabinet!

phann son said...

When I was growing up my mum had a china cabinet where all the "good" china was put along with special ornaments. It's lovely to see your display cabinet with all your special pieces Grace.


Julie said...

A lovely addition to your home to house your treasures, you have set it out so beautifully.

Sally Ann said...

Hello Gracie
I started following you a few weeks ago but managed to lose my blog so I'm trying again and I've rejoined your blog.
What a lovely piece of furniture and I love the way you've filled it with your favourite treasures. It looks just right.
Your weather sounds similar to ours over here in the UK. It's rained at least once a day for weeks.
Good luck with your pond x

Leonore Winterer said...

What a lovely way to display some of your pretties :) And don't we all need more pretty things in our lives?

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a wonderful display case with so many pretty things inside. I remember you stitching the Cinderalla Coach so it's nice to see it out on display.

Brigitte said...

How great, your new curio. And I love the way how you displayed all your treasures in there.

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