Thursday, April 27, 2017

A new kit arrived!

As I mentioned yesterday the mail arrived and this is what I found
when I opened the envelope. Carefully wrapped in pretty tissue with a wonderful what is it? The distinct lavender smell. Hurry to open and find
a kit for French Boutis Scissor Fob. A new challenge to learn....I must say the quality of the supplies is wonderful and such complete directions. An there, do you see it? The sachet of lavender....oh so lovely.  Let me tell you about Averyclaire NeedleArts. You really need to visit and meet and see the work of Karen Jablonski. This is French Boutis, an old form of quilted needlework.  Karen's service is quick and the kit is perfect. this will be my weekend project so I will be able to devote my time to learning and doing. So be sure to visit her blog and Etsy shop. (this is my own opinion and not sponsored by the designer).
I want to thank you my dear friends for the caring kind comments and emails. Yesterday was one of those lost days and I am sure today will be better for my Mr H. I found myself waking at 4 AM today....I needed that sleep. I am raring  ready to go today. I am just ready to finish the yellow Victorian Thread Bag...should have been completed yesterday but just never got that far. My friend Al sent me an email to say that the Black Molly is adjusting to his new home.... happy about that. My tenants are also doing great. I may rent out some more space this weekend, not sure who will join us. I managed to change the living room drapes yesterday and have the laundry all caught up. The garden was watered and today a bit more housework before The Brother Alan arrives...did I mention he was arriving on May 9th...oh yes I think I did! Each year it is a celebration to have him visit with his friend  Lisa. The kid brother who in reality is like my big brother. this visit will be a bit laid back for us, but nevertheless will be a great time spent together. I will need to reorganize the sewing room and get all ready next week.  Yesterday was my great-niece Natalia Rose's 3rd birthday
she is so adorable. We have not met her in person ... yet.... but my niece Elyssa posts pictures which keeps us in the know. I am proud of Elyssa for being a loving mom.
this is such a cute picture of Elyssa and Natalia.
MR H and I now have 3 special ladies in our world; first was Tonya, then Elyssa and now Natalia....all special in their own way. We have beautiful nieces! This day is starting out cloudy and around 70 (6:30 am) and may reach the low 90s. Best get the garden care done early. It is always nice to visit with you. Thank you for your caring kind words and emails. Most of all thank you for your friendship. Have a wonderful day.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What lovely photos of your nieces. It would be lovely if you could meet her in person but distances in the US are just vast!

Vickie said...

What a wonderful picture of your nieces. ♥ I smile when I read comments like Jo's about the distances in America. Yep. said...

Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words. I am happy you will be enjoying your Scissor Case Kit soon! Your niece is adorable! And wishing you the best visit ever with your nice!

cucki said...

Aww very sweet photos of your niece
Sending you love and smiles
Happy stitching x

diamondc said...

Hi Gracie: First I want to wish Denny well and hope things are going good for him and you.
I love your new project, thank-you for the link, I shall visit.
The photos of your niece are adorable, how sweet.
I do wish my brother were close to the family he is not sadly, he is the only member left of my immediate family, I am lucky to have loads of niece's and nephew's, plus Mike's loving family.


shirley flavell said...

Lovely photos of your nieces, I hope one day you will get to meet. Because I live in a pretty small country I'm guessing I have no real idea of the vastness of your country but I do hope you get to travel to visit them or they you. Not long now for the visit from your brother. I hope all is going to be ok with your husband and by the way happy belated wedding anniversary. Your parcel you received looked lovely. Look forward to seeing what you make from it. Have a good week Gracie.Winter is around the corner for us:(

Julie said...

A wonderful picture of your 'girls' what lovely smiles they have.

Leonore Winterer said...

What a lovely kit, I'm looking forward to see how it worked out for you and I'm heading over to the Etsy right now (evil enabler, you...)

Sheryl S. said...

Lovely nieces and pretty new project of Karens. I was going to order it too and in the same colour. lavender but distance makes postal charges awful.