Monday, April 24, 2017

Eviction !

I have little tolerance for some things and bullying is one of them. The newest tenant , the Black Molly began to constantly chase one of his neighbors. It drove me crazy. So, on Sunday he was evicted....that is right had to go. What? did you think he went into he trash or flushed?! No no....he moved to my friends Al and Keith's home. He even got to ride in a golf cart! I feel better and my other tenants are more relaxed with no bullying.

I began to crochet another Victorian Thread Bag yesterday, this time in yellow (the wrapper is missing).  This is a small bag that I made a few years back and it is just perfect for my crochet. A couple of inside pockets to hold needful things and a large cotton ball fits perfectly. It was part of a Christmas exchange and the gal picked out the pattern and the fabric so all I did was to embroider and stitch together . Anyway, I had hoped to get more crocheted, but life gets in the way...Mr H.
Tuesday he will be having 2 procedures and this week has been the torture "prep" week. Yesterday I thought about evicting myself instead of the fish! Today should be really fun, liquid diet. Now here is a man who hardly eats but you can bet today he will want gourmet meals! Fun and games will really start at 2 PM so do not expect to hear from me other than mumbling in the garage. You know, going someplace to let it out so as not to offend poor Mr H. I feel sorry but.... I will get through this is my mantra. Do you follow me on Facebook? Here is the post yesterday:
     I absolutely love my husband. As I am crocheting, I hear a TV program in the background. Me: what is that that you are watching?! (The TV station when I look up is Viceland)
Dennis: just waiting for the next program. Something for you.
Me: are you kidding me?! I do not watch Viceland!
Dennis: oh I don't know what this station is, but it said Needles and Pins. Isn't  that a craft show?
So, we check the program description, it is about erotic tattoos in Japan. No my dear husband it is definitely not a craft program. Channel changed!

Now do you understand? He really is a gem! This all in between keeping track of meds and what to eat or not to eat.  I would be lost without him. We are still in the countdown for The Brother Alan's arrival. Transport from the airport has been arranged and all info sent to his friend Lisa for safe keeping. It is much easier to sent a transport to pick and then take back for departure as we hate the long drive and traffic. Do not even mention if there is an accident on the way. Well, time for me to have my coffee and maybe a piece or two of toast. I will feel very guilty eating today so it will be sneaking away to eat. Please keep my dear Denny in your thoughts today and tomorrow. As much as you want a doctor to find the problem, you are also worried of what may be found. Thank you for your kind words and friendship and I know you will think of us these next few days.....hugs to you my dear friends.


Vickie said...

Oh I feel for Dennis. I went through the exact things Dennis is doing several months ago. The two procedures. Up and down. Yucko. And all that stuff to drink. Misery. Yep. So sorry Dennis. Not fun. I am praying.♥

Vicki said...

Not only am I praying and thinking of Mr H these days, but of you, Gracie. You're a gem of a wife to him, I'm sure!!

Shelly said...

I'm glad you found a home for the Molly. Good luck for the two of you. Hope all goes well for Mr. H. Good thing for the airport transport; that's quite a trip from your area to the airport!

cucki said...

I am happy that you found a home for Molly. And I hope all goes well for mr.H
Sending you love x

shirley flavell said...

Best wishes for your DH,you will be looking forward to seeing your brother again Gracie,love all your tatting you are doing.

diamondc said...

Hi Gracie: I will keep Denny in my thoughts and prayers.
I am like you I ask Mike what he is watching on t.v. nothing just wrestling oh really that is so fake, but hey he gets a kick out of the stupid mistakes and fake wrestling.
Love the idea of your bag for yarn.
Evicted oh my.
It sounds like you have all your plans in order for your Brothers visit.

Catherine said...

Blessings to all!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I do hope it all goes well for Mr H.
I did read that post on FB and laughed so much I had to read it to my son! Who knew there was a channel called Viceland? The programme actually sounded quite interesting but then I like tattoos!

Leonore Winterer said...

Your crochet is beautiful, I like the nice yellow colour. I hope all went well for your husband!

Julie said...

LOL the programme did make me giggle, that the sort of thing would happen here.
Best wishes to Mr H (and yourself too) x