Saturday, October 8, 2016

Special for Teresa

Teresa is starting counted cross stitch on 28 count linen and needs a little help, so I will try.
Teresa, count the threads from the blue pin as 1, skip a "hole" and then it is 2 at the red pin, up to the yellow again skipping a hole then over to the black pin and there is your square of over two threads.
to begin to stitch, bring your needle up at the lower left corner and then up to the upper right corner. This is half a stitch.
Continue counting across the row in this manner of skipping a thread/hole to the number of stitches you need.
the return on the row is the same only in reverse.
the next row is repeat of the first. Always skipping a thread/hole for the count of 2 threads.
I hope this helps. We are all here to assist you, just let us know what you need!


Tabbie B said...

Thank you... I'll give it another try!

butterfly said...

Your great has a teacher gracie.

Julie said...

A great tutorial - hope your friend manages to get the hang of it.

Barbara said...

You are a wonderful teacher.

Bea said...

Excellent tutorial. I hope it helps Teresa.

Summer said...

Wonderful tutorial! Happy Tuesday ♥