Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Pack

Not much with the stitching....spent time looking in the basket of things for a project. Problem with all the ideas is deciding what I want to do. Not able to make up my mind I did not find one to do. I did manage to organize a little more. There is always something to organize.I think I am in a what to do slump! Oh well, there is today. Wednesday while out on an errand, we stopped at Michael's. I found my black crow. Seems they have been scarce this year. He was on sale from $9.99 to 60% off. I noticed that he had a few wear and tear marks... I mentioned it to the gal at the register and she said would you like a discount...sure I replied. Now I thought...the regular price then the discount, it was around 3 change. I ended up paying only $1.80!

Sooooooo, here he sits with my glass pumpkin and the witch....

Are you wondering about the title---The Pack? On Tuesday evening as I was getting ready to walk home from a neighbors house around 8 PM, I found a pack of coyotes....yes 5 of them out for a stroll. Now in the past, I have never been fearful of them. I even walked behind 3 of them once, but in morning daylight. At first, a few of them continued to walk forward, then another but one stopped to turn his head back to look in my direction. I made a little noise and stood waiting. Finally off he went to join the hunt. I will admit to being a bit nervous. I am sure he decided that rabbits would taste better. Yesterday our Arizona temperature tied for would be so nice if we could cool down and make it seem like Autumn.....hard to think pumpkins when it is hot. The poor garden is need of some extra attention. Well my friends that is about glad we had time to chat. Thank you for the kind words. Have a wonderful day.


Dotty's Daughter said...

Lovely crow Gracie. Here in the uk we are only just starting Halloween , years behind our American cousins so could you tell the crows significance at Halloween , I would be interested. I think you were so brave walking near that pack, I would of been pretty scared. Hope apart from that you are well and not too hot in that massive heat. Take care. Maria xx

Marie said...

Nice score on that black crow…such a deal!

I admire your courage to even remain in walking distance of a pack of coyotes. Not me, I would have been horrified and petrified.

diamondc said...

I love crows.
Your fall setting is lovely.


Ele said...

Ouch! I would have been so scared!
Glad all was well in the end

butterfly said...

Great buy your bird looks great .
Oh I would have been very scared .
It is getting very cold here already , first frosts are here.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great crowd at a bargain price!

I would have been rather alarmed to see something as large as a coyote! The biggest wildlife we have is deer and they are not scary LOL

Sherry said...

It is always fun to find a bargain like your crow. I don't think I would feel too comfortable around a pack of coyote's. The weather is feeling like fall in the Northwest. The leaves are changing and we will have a thick blanket of maple leaves on our property soon.

Julie said...

Your bargain crow looks right at home with the friendly witch.