Wednesday, August 26, 2015

another box, another memory

Everytime I decide to check into a box that is in the gargae cupboards, there is a memory....
Snow White slippers an apron and a baby dish all belonging to my lovely niece Elyssa. Elyssa is the daughter of my brother Alan. She was a delight for Mr H and I to have stay with us so many times. We kept all the necessary things for her and yes, she was spoiled. Finding these again brought back so many memories....for now they are on my desk where I can touch and remember....did I mention she is 22 and a mommy to a 1 year old now. Time passes so quickly. So good to have these tangible memories. My sis Lynowl teases me that I save is not a bad thing especially when there are times when we can not keep things for lack of space or use. Every once in awhile we then wish we had an item or two that we had to give up. Me H and I have been living out here for 11 years ans I still wish I kept this or that when we had to down-size for the move. Oh well~~~~~
 I have been lazy due to having a nasty sore throat these last few days....finally loosing the sore throat but still not feeling up to par. I am hoping to finish that quilt square so I can decide what to do with the 6 of them....decisions will probably take up a good few hours or more! We had a threat of a dust storm here in The Valley late yesterday but it did mot happen here in the West side. Today is cooler, only 89 but the sun is still quite hot. The sound of the washing machine has stopped which means I must tend to the laundry....glad you could visit with me your kind words and I thank you for your friendship. Enjoy your day.


Debbie said...

Feel better soon.

Revisiting treasures that have been stored away is so much fun and does bring back many memories.

I think we've all done the same, parted with things and at some point wish we still had them.

We're heading towards 82 today. By Friday rain is in the forecast, lasting through the weekend.

Not much stitching here but I have been busy with the crochet hook.

Enjoy your day!

Vickie said...

How nice to still have those precious keepsakes. I hope you feel better quickly.

Julie said...

It's nice to have things that bring back such happy memories, the little Snow White slippers are so sweet.
Get well {hugs} x

KimM said...

Oh, Gracie - I hope you start feeling better soon! I know what you mean about finding treasures and the memories they bring. Sometimes it brings a tear, sometimes a smile. Both are bitter sweet. Take care, my friend.

diamondc said...

Hi Gracie I hope you feel better soon.
A dust storm would worry me so much, I am so glad it did not happen.
Sharing your memories with us is so sweet, thank-you.


Ele said...

So nice to find small items that bring back sweet memories!
Hope you will feel better soon
Have a relaxing weekend

Carla Eldridge said...

Oh I know I'm behind, but I do hope you are feeling better now!