Friday, October 17, 2014

Resting my knee but not my hands...

First I want to must show you this sunrise picture I took this morning when I walked out my garage for the newspaper....took my breathe away.
Our forecast for today is for overcast skies and cool it!
I went to work yesterday and my 5 hour shift felt like 20 hours. My knee was so so sore that I have asked for Saturday off (off today anyway) just to rest it.Of course Mr H could only say " I told you not to go in to work, but do you listen". My finger is much better. I did not do any corst stitching, but did manage  not have withdrawals completely by working on this...
It was from the drawing I won from Donna at By The Bay Needleart....I did finish it differently from the design, but now have it hanging complete with twigs and fresh Rosemary by the front door. Really enjoyed this applique and easy stitch.  I am hoping to start Jack in the Hat this weekend. I miss stitching on Cinderella... and it is getting nearer to completion...
Before I know it, Cinderella will be off to the ball! Cinderella has been one of my favorite Disney Movies...fond memories of going to the theater with mom and sis to see it as a very young girl.
Well, dear friends, time for some breakfast and coffee and back to stitching. need to do a few errands with Mr H later but then it will be my time and maybe sitting out on the lanai to stitch. Glad you visited with me and thank you all for the kind words...whatever your plans are, hope you have a wonderful day.


diamondc said...

I hope you get better soon, stitching withdrawl is a horrible situation.
Love love the Cinderella, so pretty.
The flower pocket is adorable.
The sunrise is so beautiful, thank-you for sharing.


cucki said...

I hope you get better soon dear..
I love the Cinderella so's so pretty.
The flower pocket is stunning..
And the sunrise is so it
Hugs x

Ele said...

Sorry to hear you are unwell. Hope you will feel better soon.
Cinderella look great, congratulations

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful view

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

"Red Sky in the morning, Sailors' warning!"

Beautiful colours though. The coach looks amazing too.

Pam in IL said...

Sorry to hear about the finger and knee. Hopefully resting the knee will help it feel much better. Your stitching looks great!

Annette-California said...

Oh Gracie!so sorry to learn about your knee and finger. Hope your resting it helps. Cinderella is so beautiful. The fall mini came out lovely. Love Annette

Julie said...

So much to catch up on here...the sunrise is spectacular. Love Cinderalla and your fall finish is very cute.
Hope the finger is healing nicely and you have been being good and resting the knee. Super pic of your hummingbird visitor.