Friday, April 13, 2012

A Yellow rose and a word from the Madame

What a lovely rose in our garden this morning. My favorite is the yellow and this has a beautiful scent. I have been busy getting ready the next project..Iris. I will be stitching on 28 ct white from my linen stash and It will be 2 over 1.  Right now I am stitching the grid... very time consuming, but for this especially, I think most needed. I am off to work again today. I am pleased that you took time to visit and hope your day is wonderful... and now....
A word or two from the Madame....
I had a very restful day yesterday.... and had a busy morning so far.
I baked some cranberry orange scones for Mr H. I found the box mix in the cupboard and I must say they were easy and the kitchen smells so good. Gracie cleaned the bowl and pan.
Then it was off to the sewing room, which is my room for the time being. I carefully edge stitched the linenfor Gracie to begin the Iris project.
It did not take too long. I understand that next week I will be moving into the master bedroom for a week while someone named Alan visits. I have been assured that I will be very comfortable and safe from Zoe who also shares that room. Not that Zoe would hurt me, but I will have my own sleeping compartment. Whoever this Alan person is, Gracie is sure happy about his coming. I hope there will still be time for me while he is here. I heard them takling about going to the pool, and the museum and a Wickenburg place... I dod want to see what they are all about. I see that Gracie is getting her things together to go to work....I will be relaxing in the living room with Mr H and Zoe for a movie.


milly said...


Hope you had a good day at work, looking forward to seeing your Iris project.

Madame Muriel you have been busy baking scones and using the sewing machine. I do hope you enjoyed the movie with Mr H and Zoe!

Teresa said...

Beautiful rose and those scones looked delicious.
Have fun with Madame Muriel.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Annette-California said...

I can smell your scones from here. And they smell wonderful. Gorgeous yellow rose Gracie. How helpful of Madame.