Monday, April 9, 2012

Madame Murial has arrived!

I have arrived in sunny Arizona. It is a warm morning here already the temp is 81 and it is only 11 am.
My last hostess, Jo, sent me with some lovely goodies. She sent a travel book, a nice leather bookmark, a pretty piece of fabric, a very nice charm and a pen that writes so nice. English Breakfast tea which Mr H loves and is eager to taste this kind. Jo made a pretty needle book that gracie says she has wanted to stitch and now has one.
We did not forget Miss Zoe....  Mr H says she can have one later. She just finished eating. I think I will like her. She is very quiet..... has a smushed in face, but cute.
I got a kiss! But then she moved away and asked Mr H to put her up on her chair. Her legs are short and I must say she is quite plump and jumping is not one of her abilites. She is napping so I think after my journey I will too.  Gracie tells me Mr H has a doctor appointment this afternoon and if I want to go along, I should rest for now. Off to the daybed in the guest room.
Well, how wonderful that the Madame has finally arrived. Thank you Jo for the goodies....

I did manage to finish the stitching on my BBD Roses
I am so undecided as how I want to finish this...pillow or frame.... I will think on it.
Jo's Easter Hunt  was fun and we all got to meet some new friends. Welcome to my new followers. We have found that Mrs Gamble Quail and her mate are making a nest on our front porch just behind the glider. Mr H says there are a dozen eggs there. This is going to be difficult...I guess I won't be sitting on the glider for awhile.  The day is starting off warm as Madame Muriel told you. Yesterday we did reach 90. The summer is soon to arrive.  I am off to get a few things organized while Zoe and the Madame are resting.....I hope you will return to follow Madame Muriel's adventures. Have a wonderful day.


Melissa said...

Wow 81 - so lucky! Enjoy the warm weather :)

I absolutely love the Roses, so elegant.

Nancy said...

Madame Muriel brought you some very nice goodies. Love the roses!!

Patty C. said...

Love the bbd ;)

Annette-California said...

Your BBD Roses is beautiful. Cute Madame Murial (doll) and pretty needlebook you received. What a lovely day you had.

milly said...

Your BBD finish is lovely.Madame Murial brought some lovely things.