Sunday, April 15, 2012

Counting the days, tomatoes and the Madame

Just 3 more days and my brother will be here visiting.  This year he made the plans for his week here in Arizona. Before he arrives on Wednesday, I will need have to make a little room for him in the guest room. Yes, the Madame will temporarily move into our room while Alan is here. 
Our tomato plants are giving us plenty to enjoy..
I picked this large bowl of them On Friday afternoon. There are more to pick today ... last night I made a white pizza with them and it was delicious. I know, I always say I do not cook. I don't, but I do make the pizza. Today I think a nice cucumber and tomato with prosciutto de palma sounds just right.
Yesterday was a day for errands which I will say included in Mr H taking me to get a box of See's Chocolates. The winds have been pretty steady here for the last 2 days. It seems as though today will be just a breeze flowing through.
 I hope to get the grid finished today for Iris. I still have to get some of the floss. What? you think because Alan will be here I won't have time to stitch. On the contrary. We enjoy sitting and reading and I do get to stitch. I have taken the week of from work so there will always be some time.

And now a word from the Madame....
Hello friends.... I have been busy. On Friday after we picked the tomatoes, we walked to the next courtyard to bring some to Dear Ziz...
She loves Gracie's tomatoes. And I got to meet their friend Marge (on the left) who is a snowbird although she looks like Gracie and Ziz. There is no resemblance to any birds that I have seen. Anyway, Marge will be leaving soon so Gracie and I stayed for a few minutes to chat.
Mr H and Gracie went to the Mall and I thought it would be just too buy on a Saturday for me to join them. Anyway, Mis Zoe stays home. While she was out I thought I would help her to grid her linen...
We are using Easy Count Guideline. It can be a little tricky as it is nylon and slips out of the needle sometimes. It is better than thread as it leaves no lint behind on the fabric. I have a few more days in the guest room. Alan is not a snowbird, just and New Englander. I guess they are important people, Marge and Alan as they have titles. Mis Zoe is awake now... so I will say adios... that is Spanish of goodbye.... for now.
Gracie  and I say welcome to a few new followers and wish you all have a great day. Back to stitching more grid lines....

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milly said...


Those tomatoes look just great!

Madame is still very busy!

I hope you have a lovely week with your brother.
Happy stitching!

Annette-California said...

I love the photo of you, Madame, your neighbor, and your lovely tomatoes. Oh I've not stitched a grid before. I suppose that helps follow the pattern? Have a wonderful day Grace.

Cardygirl said...

Lots of fun there...the tomatoes look yummy!

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

I love that easy count grid line it has saved me the frustration of frogging on many occasion! Mmm and home-made pizza, love that too!