Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mail Delivery.....Mail Delivery

Don't you just love getting mail? Okay, not all mail. But the mail that is just for you... just for your pleasure. I signed up for the chance of a travelling pattern over at Lee's place and found that Lee decided to send to blog...yet!...and then asked Annette to forward to me!
Yesterday there it was... but not only did the pattern arrive, but a lovely package from
Annette is a very card maker. Just look at the envelope and the notes...all made by Annette. But look at what she sent me....a beautiful piece of lavender fabric...shade of purple threads and a fob... yes in shades of purple. She knows my favorite color.
What a beautiful envelope... with wonderful trim....I won't tell you what it started as unless Annette does not mind...but she is creative.
I Love these travelling patterns. We each stitch them but they all look different. Lee of course used the kit threads. She gave a list of recommended DMC and Annette added a few color changes  and now I will be sending this off once soon as I stitch it... with a few changes of my own.   This pattern has come from New Zealand, gone to California and now here to Arizona....where will it travel next???? So watch for the sending off post....hopefully soon.
I guess this means a little less work on the Penny Rug Mat, on the Hawaiian Quilt and with the BBD...I don't think so! I will manage to get time on all of them.... somehow!
I will leave you with the face that keeps Mr H not mine...but Zoe...
This was yesterday. We were sitting out on the lanai and she could not make up her mind to join us or stay indoors. She finally came outside. Thank you for isting with me today. I love hearing from you all and I visit all of you by days end. Have a wonderful day....

There is a great give awy over at The Victorian Motto Sampler sure to check it out.


Anne said...

Aw! What a lovely package you received!! That pattern looks adorable! Your friend Annette is like my friend Anna! They are both amazing card makers! I'm always in awe of her work! I try to replicate, but I just don't have half the stuff she has...nor the creativity!!

PUGS!! I love pugs!!! That photo of Zoe is adorable!

Ma Teakettle said...

Oh Gracie...I just love Zoe, she is beyond precious! Hugs Zoe :)

Your mail day was an awesome one, what a beautiful traveling pattern, and the amazing treats that Anette added to your package are just wonderful! I am awed by her creativity and card making artistry. Enjoy it all, Gracie.
I can't wait to see how the pattern progresses and travels...keep us all posted please.

Mouse said...

oooo well done on the TP :) gorgeous card made for you tooo ... and awwwww who could resist that lovely face :)
hope you have a great day :) love mouse xxxxx

SoCal Debbie said...

Zoe is just adorable! What a sweet face! How nice that your traveling pattern came with all kinds of purple and lavender goodies!

Sandra Kaye said...

its very nice getting gifts in the mail!! Email me when is a good time for you to come and visit!! Hugs

Nancy said...

How nice of Annette to add some surprises with the traveling pattern! Enjoy working on it!

Lee said...

Good to hear the travelling pattern has reached the next embroiderer. It started first with Rowyn from Stitching under the southern Cross blog who sent it to me.

Daffycat said...

Congratulations on being chosen as a traveling pattern stitcher! That is a cute design ~ have fun!

Patty C. said...

Lovely package -
Zoe is too cute - lol

Kathy Ellen said...

Congratulations upon being the recipient of that sweet traveling pattern, and all of those beautiful gifts from Annette. You must have gasped when you opened her package!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

ooo, a new travelling pattern to follow! I stitched three last year, they are so much fun, I'll be after this one too LOL.
You got a lovely parcel of goodies too. I love stitchy mail.

Annette-California said...

I sure loved and enjoyed every stitch in that traveling pattern. My little sampler will be framed. Every time I'll look at it I'll know it came from Lee in New Zealand - priceless. Enjoy Grace. Looking forward to seeing yours when you get done. Happy stitching!
p.s. thank you for your post - I feel like a glowing star.

milly said...


What a lovely present from Annette.

The travelling Pattern is beautiful, congratulations o being the next stitcher.

Great pic of Zoe, she's so cute.