Friday, October 28, 2011

Lost needle and a rolling bed

Do I have your attention?
First I posted my Autumn Exchange from Marjorie...well she is who I had! How fun is that. This is what I sent her...
I already had posted the back of this flat fold. It was fun to stitch.

Now....about the needle... I am sure all of you at one time or another loose the needle you are stitching with... admit it. Every time I start a project I make sure that I have a new package of #28 needles. I also have one of the telescoping magnets...would never be without one. There I was sitting by Mr H's hospital bed and lost.... someplace  on the floor went the needle. Out I took my trusty magnet but could not find it. But from the doorway, I saw that the CNA was watching me with curiosity .... waving my magic wand along the tile floor. I finally explained what I was doing but somehow I am not sure he believed me. Never did find the needle.
Now on about the bed. When Mr H came to the room, the Recovery nurses parked the bed in the wrong spot  not where I thought it should be. So, I unlocked the wheels and moved it to a better position. I then began to re-arrange things: the bedside table, a drink for him and so on. All of a sudden ... my back was to Mr H .... he said..." my bed is rolling" I said don't be silly, it is just the medication making you think it is moving". "No, I think it is moving". So I turned and what! the bed was indeed slowly rolling forward! I forgot to lock the wheels. I quickly pulled it back to the wall and locked the wheels. I told him that he was just fine and just groggy...he bought it! Yes, it was only one night and he is home in a bed that does not have wheels.
We are really hoping that this is it... no more... once again we will see on Monday. Keeping my toes crossed.

Well, that is it for today... all set to stay put and maybe get some stitching done. So glad you had some time to visit with me....thank you for all the wonderful thoughts they certainly mean a lot to both of us.


CalamityJr said...

As thankful as we are for medical care, there's nothing better than getting home to your own (non-rolling) bed. Glad you're there together. Love the acorns!

Nancy said...

So glad Mr. H is home, and hopefully for good this time! Love the exchange piece you stitched!

Stephanie Suzanne ♥ Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Gracie,

Oh my goodness....I'm so bad with names {most of the time}. I'm so tickled to know you are a follower of mine. I remember you now. I love your Quiltie. I look forward to the Christmas trade. I already have ideas. Have you received yours from Sandie yet?

Thanks so much for letting me know who you are. {giggles}

Steph ♥

Kaisievic said...

Glad that Mr H didn't roll out the door! lol! Glad that he is home with you again.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Patty C. said...

Out the door - I am glad he didn't roll out the window - ROFLOL
How cute - I'm glad he is home - Enjoy some stitching at his bedside ;)

Patty C. said...

Out the door - I am glad he didn't roll out the window - ROFLOL
How cute - I'm glad he is home - Enjoy some stitching at his bedside ;)