Thursday, September 23, 2010

Today is the first day

Well, I have wanted to do this for some time, so today was the day to just start. As it happens, it is a beautiful day...sun is shining, I have the sliders open and can hear the water fountain in our pond. It is the first day of Autumn. Hopefully the temperatures wil stay under 100 and it will really feel like Fall. Plans today...well, of course to read a little. My sis Linda and I are both reading Eat, Love and Pray...long distance together! I am working on a small cross stitch project and oh yes, I plan to bake a blueberry and raspberry free form pie later.


lcp0528 said...

Well you finally did it...good for you !!! Let me know when you are ready to start the third part of Eat,Love and Pray. No hurry, I picked up a few books at the library. It's a little warmer out today than it's been, looking forward to the fall. I'm going to have some lunch and read for a bit...catch you later !

Anne said...

Aw!! Cute!! I love how your sister commented on your first blog post :D You started your blog 13 days after me! Very close!!