Friday, September 24, 2010

Still learning

Well, here it is in the dark of the very very early morning and I am still trying to set this up to my liking. Not happening at this point. I guess it will be an on going try this and edit that with the often remove this. I visit many blogs and admire their ability to get it just so. Today is one of my work in the real world days; so it may not happen today...but eventually this will be just so...key word is eventually.

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lcp0528 said...

I think it looks great Graz. I don't care for pages that are too busy. Trying to do laundry, clean the house, of course I had to drop a glass of juice, pick up glass and wash the floor all at once. And of course drop by the computer to check in ! It's supposed to be hot today so I'll be staying in. I'll probably start the third part of Eat, Love and Pray sometime today.