Saturday, January 20, 2018

It's Saturday????

I woke this morning and thought it was Sunday. I woke and saw a very dreary sky. The sun has decided not to come out and shine but the garden is still busy with the Hummer sitting by the pond and the White-Crowned Sparrow bathing in the pond and of course the Residents lounging around.
It appears they, the Dove couple, are working...... very slowly I might add....on their home. The temp is around 54 this morning and the forecast is 40% rain...which means a couple of drops may fall.
The package I sent last week, was suppose to arrive at it's destination yesterday... of course did not. Today is the day tracking says it will. My replacement book form Shutterfly was suppose to arrive yesterday not they say next week. Snafus everywhere.
So glad I went to market yesterday so I do not need to go out into this windy day. I plan to make my individual pot pies, Denny's Beef stew and Breakfast Egg cups this weekend and that will be some meals this coming week.  Along the way the bread machine will make some bread....just a plain loaf to enjoy with these meals will do.

In between these projects I will sew on the doll and maybe fit in another snowflake.  I am most relaxed when my hands are creating something. I learned to sew when I was just a girl of maybe 8 or 9 years old. Still enjoy the process of cutting and putting together pieces of cloth. Sounds ambitious right? Now if you paid attention, I said plan.
With all that I  plan to do I think I should get a move on. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. Most of all thank you for your friendship. 


Julie said...

Wishing you a lovely relaxing day Gracie, happy crafting!

Rose Marie Della Ventura said...

Food sounds delicious. You are very ambitious and have a lot to accomplish. Enjoy your crafting weekend. I look forward to pictures of your projects.

Vickie said...

So happy the doves are keeping you company Gracie. Your menu sounds great.

butterfly said...

I love doves gracie I have two that come to feed bout 4.00 every day.
Enjoy the weekend.

Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

You have a great day. hugs

Leonore Winterer said...

I hope your weekend plans were successful and all the parcels arrived were they should! Reading onwards to find out what happened.

Brigitte said...

Your doves seem to be really true residents at your place :))