Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Football all day

Yes, we are football fans specifically The New England Patriots. Even though we are here in Arizona almost 13 years, we are still New England fans. I started watching them around 1963 or so while in high school. They were not a very good team and had a reputation of being party boys. Finally after several owners and new coaches, they began to really become a team. The best years (from 2000) are with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. So when I say I am a fan, I am a real long-time fan....through off times and not just on the bandwagon. So of course Sunday was the big day, but Monday, well I began the day with sports stations and then Mr H and I watched all day. Yes, the game on Sunday , then the taped version we made, then the re-play later and sports all day Monday. What can I say.

There was some, but not much tatting. Later in the afternoon I spent time with my dear friend JeanneG. She is sadly moving out of our community but nearby. I will no longer just be able to run out of my gate and around the corner to her place. It will be a car ride to see her. In my birthday card she wrote "I will miss you" which brought tears to my eyes. We have become good friends these last years. Twenty years difference in our age does not matter at all.
The Brother Alan is coming, The Brother Alan is coming.....I received his itinerary (that is how I know when) May 9th so the count down is officially here! I so look forward to his visits. Not sure what he has planned for himself and Lisa, but as long as there are some quiet talks and cups of coffee wine too all will be happy.  Today I hope to relax and I think I am footballed out...maybe not. I need to get to Jo Ann's for a few items. Maybe some Alice and tatting outside...sounds good to me. The weather has been lovely, just what we wait for here. They say we may have an 80 temp on Thursday! That about covers it for today. Thank you for visiting and for the kind words and most of all your friendship. Have a wonderful day.


Vickie said...

Yes Gracie I thought of you and Mr. H!! I thought perhaps you might be happy!! :D

butterfly said...

I love football but our is a little differnt , good new your brother is coming to visit .

diamondc said...

Happy Belated birthday wishes Gracie, I hope you had a wonderful day.
It is always exciting to get family to come visit, we all live so close it seems we are always together.
We are not football fans but did watch the game to see the Patriots take their fifth win home, yahoo.
It is always sad when a friend moves at least our friend is not moving far.
I love Jo Ann's my go to place for fabric.


Rosie H. said...

Well done to your footy team. I'm a bit like you too as I have always followed a team from another state and when a new one was formed in my (now ) home to I didn't switch but stayed with my old team.
Love you photo, you look gorgeous.

Julie said...

You have been following your team for all of my life, I was a 1963 baby!

Bea said...

Glad the game turned out well for you.