Saturday, February 11, 2017

Catching up

It has been a busy week....I guess because I have not posted since Tuesday. Let's see, first I should tell you about February 8th which is Hari Kuyo, the Festival of Broken Needles in Japan. It is a time to pay tribute to your old and broken needles that have served you well through the year. Time to show respect for these tools and to pray for better skills in the upcoming year.
The tradition is to stick the needles into tofu which is believed to sooth the used needles and the points will do no harm. They are taken to the temple and the priest  offers a blessing and it is passed on to the users of the needles. It teaches us to think before being wasteful. As you can see I use a cotton ball and then I will wrap them gently abut well before disposing them. I do not take my needles for granted for with them I can create. There is no sewing on this day.
Have you been paying attention to the amazing moon?

I took this last evening at 7:08 PM surrounded by clouds but still so beautiful. I am always fascinated by a full moon, well, the entire sky and planets; Jupiter and Venus shine so brightly. Once the distraction was over I settled in for a DVD and tea. Earlier in the afternoon I began to prepare for my Felt Fir Tree. The pattern is available from Donna Bayliss' etsy shop.
The wire is cut, felt strips are cut and now being "fringed". This is going to take me some time...cutting the felt with a bad hand....but it will get done today so I can assemble this weekend. Mr H asked "why are you making this tree?" When I said because, he just looked at me. He was sweet enough to assist me as I cut the dowel. Really, I think he was afraid I would injure myself (knife accident recently) then he gave me his good wire cutter as mine is getting dull. So, that is that. It was great to see my friends at Jo Anns yesterday when I picked up the felt. Hugs are always good and LaTonya and Linda feel so good! Today will be on/off  cutting fringe and maybe a bit more tatting.
I just finished this Sun Catcher and soon it will be mailed to a dear cousin. I wanted to make a couple more but Jo Anns is out of the brass 3 inch rings. I may just order them on line. I woke with  slight headache so I think it is time for my coffee and to relax. I have been up since 3 and puttered around the sewing room. I always enjoy our visits. Thank you for your kind words and most of all for your friendship. Have a great day.


Ele said...

Love your sun catcher, what a great idea! Your cousin will be delighted
Have a relaxing weekend

Ann at Beadlework. said...

The moon has been pretty amazing, I took some photos last night when it was clear and cold. I've heard of this needle tradition - I have to work with just the right needle and never take them for granted when I find a good one. It's the same with knitting needles - they have to be made of exactly the right metal and be short and circular - the difference it makes to comfort is amazing.

KimM said...

Hi, Grace! Love the sun catcher - beautiful. Hope your headache goes away soon and you can enjoy your day.

Julie said...

Lovely sun catcher.

Tiffstitch said...

Thanks for the info on the Broken Needles, very interesting!