Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year 2017

Happy New Year to all my dear friends here in blog land.....
I wrote my first note for My Journal Jar, just a simple reference to the day. We had pouring rain as I wrote it but it sims to have stopped, at least for now. Mr H and I had a quiet evening and I will admit to not being awake for the strike of midnight. I have been busy tatting. Yesterday I started a piece and finished it today as was my plan...start it in 2016 and finish it 2017; sort of a flip in time. Anyway,
The designer has it attached to a ring, but as I do not have a 3 inch ring at this time, it is on an ornament display. A fiddly piece but pretty. I am sure to be making a few more. I plan to make a few as The Lucky Penny with the verse attached to give to prospective brides.  I really like making these tatted pieces an giving them away is part of it. I should introduce you to Dan and Debi Fox
Just adorable to join the rest of the menagerie. I eyed these two before Christmas when the price was $24.99 each, then they were $12.49 each. Yesterday they were $6.24 each, so of course they hopped right into the car and came home with me. I spoke with he Brother Alan yesterday with a report on mom, EvaP who is still at rehab and doing well. Not sure what the exact plans are, but we are concerned if she returns home but willing to give her a try. The three (Brother and sis and I) of us are in agreement on the care for her which is making this a bit easier. Time will tell. Thank you for the wonderful support you have given to me regarding this. Today I plan for a nice quiet stitching day with Alice. Not sure if I will tat, but who knows. It is a football day so we know where Mr H will be, in his favorite chair yelling and cheering. The trees will be lite for the last time and will start returning to their cubby hold I in the garage this week. I will mention that every year they come out of the same place but never return like they were before...what happens? Does the garage fairy have nothing better to do than drive me nuts?  I attempt to do this while Mr H is sleeping as he adds to the fairy confusion. Guess that about covers it. I hope if you celebrated last night you are "well" today. I only had 2 glasses of sparkling wine last night. I look forward to this coming year to enjoy your visits, listen to your opinions and make new friends. Thank you for your kind words and of course your friendship which means so very much to me. Have a wonderful start to the New Year.
PS...don't forget to write 2017!


Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

I like to keep a journal, love your Mr. and Mrs. Fox, I do so love your tatting bubbles. I don't tat, wish I did. Happy New Year Hugs

diamondc said...

Happy New Year Gracie and Mr H: I hope 2017 Blesses you both with good health and loads of stitching and tatting.
I am glad you are giving your Mother a chance to be at home again, it will I am positive lift her spirits.
Mike does not watch sports, he thinks they are way over paid he does like to see his great nephew wrestle in High School.
I have a stitching Journal ( A Needlework Enthusiasts Booklet) I will for the first time in my stitching life keep a stitching journal, oh boy lets see how ell I do.


butterfly said...

Love your tatting , you made a wonderful job .
Love the fox family .
It is always hard when your parents get older , know what is the best for all.
Happy New Year.

jocondine said...

Bonne année 2017 ! Happy new year, lot of kisses and warm wishes for you and family. Nice tatting, wish I could learn. M & Mme RENARD (fox) look great, fox is everywhere this winter and DD1 like it very much for the kids room. Amitiés. xxx

Julie said...

Your foxes are lovely as is the tatting - so pretty
Wishing you good health and lots of fun and happy times in 2017

Lee said...

Happy new year to you both and thank you for your inspiration of a journal jar, I have had a delightful time decorating a jar

Bea said...

The tatting is beautiful. Mr. & Mrs. Fox look very comfortable in their new home. Sounds like 2017 is off to a good start.

Shelly said...

Wishing you and Mr. H a healthy, craft filled year! It's nice that you and the siblings are in accord with your mother's care. I've seen families divide over that. Beautiful tatting with the purple gems; the light shining through is really pretty. Have a good week.

Vickie said...

I hope your dear mother does well at home once again.
Mr and Mrs Fox are so very cute!

Tiffstitch said...

Happy New Year!

Brigitte said...

Great tatting, Gracie. And that fox family is just too sweet.
Have a happy and healthy 2017!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I like the idea of the across Year start-finish ornament.
The fox couple are rather fun and a great bargain too.
How will the Journal Jar work? I think I missed that post. I bought a 5 year diary but have yet to write in it. Oops.