Thursday, September 15, 2016

Keeping busy...most of the time

Oh how lazy I have been. The weather plays with being very hot to being hot and then pokes in with a comfortable few hours. I actually sat outside for a short time yesterday morning. The yard is a sad place right between the few plants that are still surviving and those empty spots waiting for  sign of life. One of the survivors
I this Celosia. Dull rose at the bottom reaching up with a bit of pink to the flame of orange at the tips....lovely. There is another pot in the yard that is not at all the same....strange how that happens. Mr H bought a couple of plants yesterday to begin the repair to his garden. One of the other plants giving a show is
the Firecracker Bush with it's bright gold and orange flowers all over. It is about 4 feet wide and 6 feet high....and lights up it's place in the garden. This has been the first summer that we lost so many plants to the scorching heat.
Once the heat leaves and Mr H is feeling up to it things will be lovely once again. This has been the year for many new feathered friends visiting us. Daily the 2 woodpeckers stop by to drink form the hummingbird feeder (even though there is a bird bath just beneath it) and the hummers are fliting by all day. The large black raven stops by to drink form the bird bath and now I am finding him walking about the backyard too.  So busy it has been. Me? well, I am working on a Mill Hill southwest item..

I like to work on perforated paper and this one is has lots of beads...eventually. I decided I best get started on my Christmas ornaments....
This is a special one that will cross the states to Natalia...her 3rd Christmas. I have a few other patterns at the ready some will stay some will be in the mail. I ordered a new pattern..."Alice" and can not wait for it to arrive. It is Alice with Quaker motifs. My new PNPS magazine arrived yesterday so I will enjoy leafing through it again...again...again finding a new project I hope. Right now I need some food to start my day and while the temps are still comfortable, maybe sit outside with the magazine. Wish you could be sitting here with me, drinking a cup of tea or fresh ground coffee and chatting....Thank you for your cherished friendship and kind words. Hope you have a wonderful day.
Follow up note: Yvonne Buus, designer of the punch needle Mistletoe loves my finished piece....I received a nice note from her and she posted my picture to her Facebook page......


diamondc said...

Hi Gracie: I commented on the Facebook page of Yvonne's about your piece, wow that was lovely of her to do that for your piece.
This is as always a beautiful post.
I do like working on perforated paper I do mostly ornaments for out Christmas Tree.
I look forward to seeing your new project that you ordered.
Mr. H's flowers are beautiful.


butterfly said...

Lovely flowers I hope the weather cools for you soon .
Here it is cooling down after a very hot week again.
I love perforated paper too, maybe after Christmas I will look for mine I have a box some where full of paperkits that needs to be stitched .
Have a great weekend hugs.

Julie said...

I don't think I have ever worked on perforated paper before, perhaps should try it.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I'm currently stitching on perforated paper, it's not my favourite thing!
I know the Alice design you mean, it's lovely. I am really looking forward to seeing you stitch that one.