Monday, July 13, 2015

A long day-----

-----but it was nice. Yesterday Mr H decided we should take a ride to Prescott. There was an Indian Festival and it had been quite some time since we journeyed there. It is a 95 mile trip and the weather was expected to be in the 80s there compared to our 100+ in the West Valley.
We found ourselves riding on the I-17 behind this guy...a big guy wearing a big gun on his right hip. Well, this is the Southwest and guns can be worn/carried and concealed. Anyway, the ride was pleasant and easy to little traffic. I must say that the Festival was not worth the $10.00 pp admission. While at the festival we heard a horrendous crash of vehicles....4 cars smashing into one another right in front of the entrance to the park. Serious damage...could not see if anyone was hurt.
 The walk around the town was pleasant and I managed to find
this sweet hat (I added the ring of flowers) that fits perfectly! I found it in Rendezvous on The Square. The gal in the shop was a fellow Rhode of course we chatted. She was kind enough to give me a discount on this as well as Lady
isn't she the cutest! It is from a line made by Joe Spencer. Could not leave the shop without her. The ride home was much different than heading North. From 4:15pm to almost 5 PM were were lucky to drive more than 20mph instead of the 65-75 speed limit. Finally the cause became clear. A 3 car pile up.... second accident of the day. By the time we got into the garage we were both a bit tired. All in all we did have a good day. The temps today began at 95 at 5AM and the humidity was in the mid 30s...high for us. I think it will be an uncomfortable day out there. Well my dear friends....the laundry is ready for the line and my coffee is getting cold....okay for the coffee, I like iced coffee. Maybe I will add a few ice cubes. So glad we could spend time together. Thank you for the kind words and of course your treasured friendship. Have a wonderful day.


Shelly said...

Sounds like you had an interesting day! I thought the festival was next weekend and I found out too late it was just this past one! Oh well, there's next year. The entrance price sure went up though, from $5 to $10, wow. Hopefully they had the dances and the food too. Nice purchases on the square. I haven't been in any of those shops in like 4 years! Traffic can be bad heading back down to the Valley on Sundays. Have a nice day, Gracie.

Vickie said...

Love the new hat with ring of flowers and of course Lady also. :)

Brigitte said...

What a lovely day out this must have been.

diamondc said...

Hi Gracie: Love the motorcycle picture, he does look big.
Hi temps here also, loads of storms around the state the last couple of days.
Love the hat I am a hat person, and your Lady Bug lady is so adorable.
Wow two accidents on your day out, I see many each day only because I put on a few hundred miles a day.