Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mail x 2

My PT session was not too bad yesterday. One of the exercises I was unable to do last week I did this week. as well as a few new added steps. Today is injection day. I am not looking forward to this at all. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday----torture days. Before you ask, I only feel slightly better. But, I am giving this the "old Girl Scout try"; that is to say, I will do this in hopes of not needing surgery. The reality is that this does not repair the tear or spur . Now before you ask, yes, I was a Girl Scout!
Yesterday's mail brought me....
My Christmas Ornament Exchange from Angela in Singapore..... isn't it cute. Bells and a snowflake charm. It will look so nice on my tree. Along with the exchange, Angela sent me a RAK. We both belong to the group, and this is what she sent....

lovely fabric, pretty trim and buttons and charms....It is a pleasure visiting your blog, Pretty Little Things in a Box. Angela is very talented. Stop by and see for yourself.
I must get to the Post Office to get a couple of packages out this week. I am going to try to get a few of my going back East packages out early too. They just need to be gift wrapped. My friends Lu and Stan already have been decorating. The temps there today will be around 43...cold! I do not miss that at all, at all! We are still in the 70's and I love it. The other day while Mr H and I were in the yard, this fella came to visit

 He is a Costa's Hummingbird. Just look at the vibrant purple... and he is sitting in the shade! What a sweet little guy. He is not afraid to hover close to us or sit and let us approach. This is a tree on the opposite side of the yard where our resident hummer sits. Each of these 2 trees has a feeder to keep everyone happy. I have a couple of hours before the needle..... so I think I will settle down with my cup of coffee and think about the finishes I will do later. Thank you for visiting with me and your kind words. Hope your day is grand.


Ann at Beadlework. said...

I hope it's not as bad as you think it will be. The purple feathers are just stunning - what a beautiful bird.

Caitlin D said...

Glad PT wasn't horrendous. Love your gifts too. They're so pretty.
That hummingbird is amazing! They're by far my favorite bird and that one is particularly stunning. :-)

Julie said...

Thinking of you Gracie, I hope all went well with your procedure today.
Such a pretty bird, the purple is amazing!
I'm having a blog reading catch up again, this months seems to have whizzed along.
Loved seeing the pics of your visit with the Native American things, the dancing by Tony is stunning, I looked him up last time you mentioned it.
Take care, rest lots! x

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely exchange, the ornament is just adorable :)

butterfly said...

Beautiful exchange, lovely bird , thinking of you hope all is going ok .

shirley flavell said...

A beautiful bird. We don't have humming birds in N.Z.Amazing purple, what a pleasure having him/her come visit you on your patio.Lovely gift swap Gracie. Have a great week end Hugs Shirley

prettylittlethingsinabox said...

ohhh.. the bird is really beautiful.. and great shot too.. I hope you are feeling well..

thank you for letting me know that the pacakge has arrived safely to you.. hope you like it.. ;)

Shirlee said...

Glad the PT session wasn't too bad. That's a very nice ornaments you received in the exchange!

Sally said...

Hello Gracie

What a lovely ornament and RAK from Angela!
A beautiful bird, so colourful.
Hope the session wasn't too bad for you.
Have a good weekend x

diamondc said...

Wonderful exchange, that bird is beautiful.
I am so glad pt is going well for you.


rosey175 said...

I too was a Girl Scout! I only made it to the beginnings of Junior before the whole troop fizzled out but it was great for teaching all sorts of fun skills.

Fun packages (love the ornament buttons!) and lovely hummer! I only ever see ruby-throated ones around here in the summer/early fall and they're brave little suckers! They like to visit me when I'm out in the veggie garden... or are perhaps trying to remind me to refill their feeder. :)

Anne said...

I hope that the PT will work. I know there's a lot of pain before relief. Gorgeous exchange gift! What a sweet ornament she made for you. Lovely little RAK too from Angela! Hugs!