Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A different kind of snail

A very windy day, again today. The wind chimes are singing both out front and here in the back of the house. A lovely chorus. The Snail vine is showing lots of buds....
and several open flowers...alas, they are delicate but no fragrance to them. They only last a few days but then a few more open. Found another stray petunia in bloom this morning. I just read that it has seed pods that can be saved. I will have to watch for them. I think it would be fun to share them.... so we shall wait and see if I find any!

This poor thing is directly on our walking path... must remind Mr H to look before walking. I so hope I can get this post finished...blogger keeps putting up a pink strip with an error occurred message! I will try to continue! I am in charge!
I found my bag of fiberfill this morning so I can finish the Doll.... just need to collect a weight for her base. I found a trim in the trim box but it is just a bit too short...so, today I will pick up some. Yesterday I practiced free motion quilting with the new attachment I bought. I will need practice for it is not as simple as I thought to keep in a pattern.. or should I say keep a pattern looking good. Would you like another peek at the quilt?-------

love this pink fabric. It is the backing... with a bit of machine embroidery here and there. I pressed it again today.. I will be taking it to work to show a few of the gals I work with. I plan to mail it out after Memorial Day...don't want mailing problems around the holiday. The sweet child is certainly changing day by day.... one of these days I will post another picture. I don't want to be too pushy! or bore you with my gushing over this baby. Her mommy was a very important part of our lives for the first 11 years of her life, so her baby is a special one. Distance does not change feelings or dictate closeness. Love is love whether here or 3,000 miles away. So far so good with this posting.... have not seen that message again.... guess I told someone who's boss! Anyway, so glad you visited with me today..... I hope you have a great day. Thank your for your kind words and friendship.


Anthea said...

Hi Gracie - the flowers are so pretty and don't they pop up in the darndest of places?! My Dad had a pelargonium/geranium pop up right in the middle of paving, it's still thriving!
Don't worry about the 'error' message - I had that quite a bit a little while back, just click to dismiss it, and carry on; it doesn't harm what you are doing...

Heather S said...

Lovley flowers especially the pretty snail vine. Can't wait to see what you are stitching for the baby.

cucki said...

Aw sweet flowers and pretty vine :)
Happy stitching my dear
Hugs x