Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A week, really?

I have lost this past week------if you find my week please return it to me at once! Where have I been? Time flies when you are having fun......did I have fun? No idea at all. I can tell you that I have been stitching. That I finished a pincushion exchange to soon be mailed and that I ordered something new on line. I thought I would not get any new projects, (but I could not resist), I am making the Dream Catcher for my give away and started a tatted motif from a 1916 magazine. So, I guess I have been doing something.
 I know that compared to the rest of the country Arizona is not cold; but it has been a bit chilly for us lately. I actually had to put on a pair of socks today! I haven't mentioned our tomato plants lately...but we are enjoying them daily. The pepper plant seems to not be doing anything. This chilly weather is not helping I think. Today Mr H has a dentist appointment and then one with his pain management I plan to try to master this tatted motif. I am on my second attempt. All was going well until I made a mistake and when I went to correct it, well, never the mind, I just started over. Time to put the laundry in the dryer and get back to tatting.....glad you stopped by today. Is it me or is Blogger having issues today? Anyway, thank you for the kind words and welcome to new friends. Have a great day.


Vickie said...

I hope Dennis' appointment goes well. I have been having issues with the pain management doctor. No fun.

Fiore said...

Have a great day too, dearie!!

Julie said...

Hope all went well for Mr H at his appointments.
Happy crafting!