Friday, October 4, 2013

Expensive birds and Mr H too

I do not know about you, but I never go to the market and get just what I go in for. Take today, I went to Safeway for thistle seed for the finches and 2 donuts for Mr H. This should have cost about $11.00... think again.. the total was $43! Just had to get a few things and then I saw these...
they looked so bright and cheery and do brighten up the kitchen. Then there was the fresh, hot bread just out from the ovens, and then I had to get....well, never-the-mind, you get the picture.
The morning temps are glorious. The front door is open and the kitchen slider too. The chimes are gently swaying and I would love nothing better than to stay at home today and sit outside...all day!
I am almost finished with my 4th ornament this week...
just the pesky embellishments.... I plan to stitch this one again. I have not even picked up this year's ornament magazine! That's okay, as there are still many from previous years that are calling to me. Once again, never enough time to do what my eyes show my mind.......seems lately I have so much on my mind that it is getting in the way. I need to get a clear head! That will not happen.... so I will continue to write me, myself and I notes of this and that and continue on. In the meantime, it has been so nice to have you visit with me. Your kind words and emails make my day! Speaking of that, have a good day.


Vickie said...

Glad for your lovely weather. We are having a gloomy, drizzly day here. Flaring up my hip pain.=(
Could that be a cactus you have stitched?!

cucki said...

Your weather sound lovely ..we having such lovely days too..
Sending you stitchy hugs
Love x

Julie said...

Oh that does sound so familiar, I make sure I take an extra bag with me when I shop just for the little extras that might come home with me!
Have a lovely weekend.

Teresa said...

I too am happy for the cool mornings. Wish it would stay all day. Here in CA we were 90's yesterday and will be again today so no fall outside for me either.
I wish I could go into a store and only get what is on the list.
Good luck with your sewing machine classes.

butterfly said...

Today is beautiful here to very warm and windows and doors open , but it will be cool later.
I am not the only one then gracie .
I always come home with more. hugs.

Ele said...

Sounds very familiar! I seem entirely unable to enter a shop and buy just what I went in for... :)
Enjoy the warm weather, it's dump and rainy here at the moment!
Big hugs, and thank you again for the chart