Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What have I been doing?!

It seems like I have gone away... no idea why I have not blogged! Not entirely true, I have been working and too tired when I come home to type or stitch for that matter. But the weekend gave me momentum to .....
To finish another "block" of stitches on HAED Iris. I also added 3 new colors ... I know, it is still only shades of blue. But, it brings me closer to the count of 90 colors. I would like to return to my plan to stitch on this everyday.

I also worked on my Needle Case. I forgot how much I enjoy sewing and this is turning out just as I like.
I really like the way my colors came together. I have decided not to quilt along the seams. Instead I will just stitch in the ditch for the 2 vertical and 1 horizontal main seams.

For the embroidery, I am using DMC 815. It is close to the color of the floral that will line the inside.  So, even with working a few days in a row, I have managed to pick up my needle.
A word from Madame Muriel

Yesterday I attended Sun Stitchers Monthly gathering.
I assisted the President, Jane with conducting the meeting and then relaxed while everyone visited and stitched.
Look at this beautiful work by Helen...
and here is Jane and Sunny chatting with Anne who is working on a lovely needlepoint canvas. We enjoyed a nice morning catching up with everyone.
The temps have been so nice but I heard on the morning news that it will be back in the 100's by the weekend.
 Thank you for all the lovely comments and emails.....welcome to new friends. I do hope your day is grand.


dulcinella said...

Madame Muriel has been busy! Good progress on the HAED. Every block done is a block less to go!

milly said...

Hello Gracie

it's very hot in the UK too at the moment.
Your HAED is looking great!
Madame Muriel is keeping busy!
Hope you have a lovely week.