Monday, November 14, 2011

Time in a bottle~~~~~~

Oh don't I wish! I really wish I could bottle some time so when I feel the need it would be right there. I woke late today .... 6am ... and yes for me that is late. I want a lazy day but there are errands to run ... milk and bread to get ... and I want to just sit and stitch. It is a wonderful comfortable day out so maybe even sit outside with my project.

Remember my post about wanting to make a creative doll... well dolls ... ? I  found a local group who does just that! Yes ... and I met with some of the ladies on Saturday night. The group is led by Gloria Nickolis....
Cloth & Mixed Media Art Doll Club is the name and they meet at  a Hobby Lobby very nearby. Actually, Gloria and I had met before ... she is a Jo Ann fabric shopper and I have cut fabric for her. I am looking forward to the next meeting and learning from these other ladies. I know, do I actually need to be involved in something else? the answer is simple ... YES.

My stitching of late is for gifts so there are no pictures to post yet. I am planning on doing the final finishing on several of them at the same time. Then they will be ready for the post.

Mr H is holding on ... still waiting for the next surgery date. Good days and off days. Thank you all for the wonderful words of support. I am happy to have your visits...enjoy your day.


blue star stitcher said...

How fun, I didn't know Hobby Lobby hosted classes and clubs too. It's always inspiring to learn new things from fellow crafters.

Blu Stitcher said...

That is so great that you found a group. I may have to call the Hobby Lobby up here and see if there are any groups that I could join.

I sure hope things get better for Mr. H

Kaisievic said...

I hope that you get some stitching done today. Furio and i are sending you and Mr H some stitchy hugs.

cheers, Kaye xoxox

Mouse said...

ooo great you have found a class near by and when you find some time let me know too .. glad MR H is holding on hope the date comes through soon :) love mouse xxx