Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Getting ready for the New Year

Mr H and I enjoyed a quiet Christmas, football games and a good meal. The weather finally stopped raining and is still cool. I actually had to wear a cotton jacket out to run errands yesterday morning! I have kept busy
finished 3 more Ice Drops....these will be going out to my sis Lynowl this week.  I really enjoy making these pretty things. I plan to keep mine out all year...not sure where/how to display them but I am sure it will come to me. I have another on the shuttle waiting to be finished and a couple more in the planning. All that asked for one got them before Christmas....feel special to know that a piece of me is with family and friends with these tatted Ice Drops. We have a whole group of us tatting them now. It is all Diane's fault....
Alice is started and in the work basket..... this will be the full pattern. I could not wait to start mine after making the abbreviated version for Livi. I am hoping to set some goals and limits for myself for 2017. Not exactly resolutions, but trying to reorganize myself. I am recognizing that I am, as I am getting older, having a few issues and rather than ignore them, I will work with them. The dreaded (for me) 70th birthday is approaching. For some reason this one is bothering me...it has always been just a number. Seems different this time. I have at the ready My Journal Jar as planned by Jacquelynne Steves.
I have it sitting in my sewing room on the book case and all is ready. Pens and pencil as well a cut pieces of paper and the jar to put the notes in. I am using an old canning jar. The aqua tint and the name Leotric imprinted on it. I have the glass lid stored on the side in the metal latch so it will be easier to write, fold and put into the jar without the hassle of the latch. Anything to make it more inviting to do. I have the paper stored in a sugar bowl that is a favorite of mine. Mr H broke the lid recently and I hoped to find a use for the bowl and so I have. I may move the Journal Jar to my computer desk...we will see. So starting January 1st I will try to write a note a day. Click on the link (My Journal Jar) to read about it and get some free labels to print. Thank you for the encouraging words re: my mom being in a rehab center. She does not want to be there, but I know it is for the best. WE shall see what the social worker has to say. So, I have lots to do today but I want to thank you for your friendship and kind words. Always happy to have you vist and comment. Have a great day.


Vickie said...

Here is a big hug for you Gracie. I am dreading yet another year of headaches. I do hope this is not to be. Have a good day my friend. I intend to!

diamondc said...

Gracie: I love your tatted balls, they are lovely, so creative.
I hope time flies for your Mother so she can get back to her routine at home.
I like the idea of a note a day what a great idea.

Have A Blessed New Year

butterfly said...

Love your Tatting just beautiful .
Don't worry gracie I will be 70 too this coming year .
I was worried too, but I feel ok now everything works at the moment .
And I am not going to use it has a negative but a positive to see how many years I can get in from now on
Ha .
Have a great New Year sweet friend.

Bea said...

Your Ice Drops are just lovely - cherished gifts for sure. The Journal Jar sounds like a great idea, but I've been a diary keeper since I was a pre-teen so it doesn't really appeal. Wishing you a wonderful 2017.

Brigitte said...

Your tatting is so beautiful, I just love the Ice Drops.
An interesting idea, this Journal Jar.

Vicki said...

Beautiful tatting, Gracie! I chuckled at your comment about wearing a jacket. I'm so cold that I'm actually wearing socks! I've been in the Phoenix area so long that sock wearing means it's too cold for me hahaha.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The tatted snow flakes are lovely, I can see why you like making them so much.
The Journal Jar sounds interesting. I bought a five year diary with a question per day so let's see if I keep that up!
Are you planning on a stitching themed celebration for you Big Birthday next year?

Julie said...

Your tatting looks lovely.
Best wishes for your mom in the rehab unit, I hope she settles there and meets some nice people.
The journal jar sounds interesting.
Wishing and and Mr H a wonderful New Year x

stitchersanon said...

The tatting is gorgeous. Very sweet. Have a wonderful New Year xx