Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Stitching and the ladder

When we had no air conditioning on Saturday (temps around 110) Mr H thought he should go up on the roof and have a look. I firmly and positively said no!
On Sunday the air worked as it did on Monday but we decided to call in someone to check it out. Our triple digit days will be here for awhile longer.
Now, on Tuesday morning Miss JeanneG and I went to a stitch group and I returned home around 10:30 am.  I see the ladder out in the yard when I came back
Me: what is with the ladder, you will not go up on the roof!
He: no, I want to trim the honeysuckle.
Me: ok, glad you are waiting until I am here. The air conditioning people would be out in the afternoon. So I settled to do some stitching. Fast forward to 3pm-ish and in comes Vance to check the air conditioner. He goes up to the roof and then returns to say things look good. Walks around the house with one of those thermy things (I do not know what the name is) measures the air and says things look good. Of course the stupid thing is not acting up at all. He does recommend that we think about changing to a new one as this is original the house. While Mr H and Vance are talking, I hear, " well I went up to check to see and hear if the fan was working and it was"....UP...UP Where! Paid the service call fee and then..." so, you did go up on the roof" and all he can do is grin! He thinks because of these recent surgeries he is just fine...and he is, but I am sure the doctors would not want him climbing ladders to the roof. To the stitching...
I am just finishing with the last panel which is the poor guy that is waiting for his arms, and then will need to match up fabric and figure out the measurements.  I also have gotten a fair amount punched on the sunflower
and I am so enjoying doing needle punch. I see how I am improving with each project and feeling comfortable with the process. Really happy I decided to buy the Morgan hoop, makes it so easy to work. I am not sure what needlework I will be doing today...I woke with a headache and stuffiness. I am sure this weather has lots to do with it. I just wish we could have some rain to clean the air a bit. This Monsoon is really not much to talk about so far. The temp is only 91 and should rise to 110 later today and little chance of any rain until Friday...maybe. So., it is time to take out one laundry and put in another...and rest my head. Thank you for stopping by and for your friendship and kind words. Have a good day.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Oh my goodness, you should hide the ladders! We used to tell my Grandad not to climb ladders and he'd just say "well I can't ask your Nana to do it." He had two adult children and three adult grandchildren so there was no need for either of them to be climbing ladders in their 70s!

Vickie said...

Oh me, oh my, Dennis is sneaky. And a rascal! You can tell him that. ;) Me thinks he should not do that again!
Rest Gracie. I am sorry you are suffering dear friend.
Your work is lookin' great!

butterfly said...

Men are naughty when there is a ladder about, My DH fell off a ladder once and was off work for weeks .
I won't let him go near any ladders now. But yes I came back the other day and there was a ladder out , cleaning the roof of our conservatory I was so mad , you just turn your back and they are up that ladder !

Marilyn said...

Oh, I hope you get relief soon.
Men just don't listen, do they?
They have "selective Hearing". LOL

Vicki said...

Glad your AC is working - there is no way you could survive without it in this heat and humidity! As for your husband... all I can say is MEN!! hahaha Glad he didn't get injured on his trip to the roof.

Mouse said...

hmmmmm ermmm Dennis please do not try climbing the ladders up on the roof again as we cannot guarentee that Grace will not bump you off if you tried it again .... or stick you with a thousand needles as a punishment .... seriously pleaseeee don't do it.... wait for the man who can regardless of how good you are feeling ....
glad the AC is now working ... we have had really high temps for us here and I can't wait for a good storm to clear the air either .... love mouse xxxxx

Bea said...

So sorry you aren't feeling well - heat can be miserable! Glad your A/C is fine but you must be so exasperated with your DH. Men just do not pay attention.

Cindy's Stitching said...

Men do what they want. It really could be dangerous. Glad everything is ok. Pretty stitching.

KimM said...

Must be Man DNA....I don't get your stitched pieces. You seem to be going great guns with your punch needle work. Well done!