Monday, November 13, 2017

A beautiful start to the day

I no sooner uploaded this picture and the morning sky has already changed to another beautiful  color. The first laundry is washing, and my plans for the day ae hopefully going to be busy. I have been a bit lazy of late. Maybe I should say thinking more than I want to. Today I will do and not think so much!
Yesterday I worked on
another Swaddled Baby and another gift. I really will get this finished as it need to get into he mail. It is a flannel body in light pink and white.
These Denny's Angels are ready to wing across here and there. I discovered I need a few addresses. When I had my email issue some of my stored addresses seemed to be "between platforms" as Cox said my problem was! Of course Keith found a way around the problem and now my email is working just fine. Then of course there were a few who emailed me asking for an angel and you know where that saved email is ...yes, between platforms!
I think it is time to change the irrigation day/time so later I will try to figure out how to reset the timer. ... or call Robert to do it. I do try to do for myself but there is always something I can not physically or mentally do. Frustrating.
The Plumeria  is planted using Dianna's directions so we shall wait and see. It actually can take a year before anything really happens. Just  as long as the rooting starts I will be happy. In the meantime, the Snail vine is growing like a weed and the tomato plant
is shooting up. I had to add a stake to the plant. I planted it on September 25th and it has doubled in size and now has many tomatoes. The beans are making good progress as is everything else right now. Very pleased with myself....I know I am being a bragger but remember I never have taken care of the garden before. As for the inside house plants, well I am down from 6 African Violets to 3 and one of the plants that Denny always took care of is quitting on me.  Oh well, it is what it is around here.
When I talked about friends caring, I did not intentionally leave anyone out. It would be hard to name so many friends. So please do not think badly that I did not list you.  Robyn and Dave, Keith and Al ..just to add a few .... you know who you are.
The second laundry is in the wash and the first in the dryer and the third is waiting my feeling oh so me last few days, the laundry did  not get done so today is catch up day. The headache of the last few days seems to be gone. Not sure if the weather changing or just my mind talking to itself was the cause, but today seems like a clear head day.  I am thinking of making some biscotti later.
Your visits are so appreciated as are your kind words. Thank you for your friendship.
"A strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation or being together. As long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends never part."
— Anonymous


Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

will it take a year for your plumeria plant to root. love the sun rise. well two days to go before my surgery. i am feeling good about it. big hugs love

Vicki said...

Love the ending quote... so true! Irrigation, ugh. Can't live without it here in the desert, but it's sure hard to live with sometimes. I think Dan spends more time replacing sprinkler heads, replacing tubing, digging up for leaks. It's never ending!! Glad you have a friend to help you with that!

diamondc said...

Gracie: The Swaddled Baby looks very interesting, I am curious to see your finish.
I have an African Violet that was a gift to Mike from Church for him teaching religion, I keep forgetting to water it and it is doing so well, I guess if I keep ignoring it, will do well, we shall see.
love your other plants, I do wish it were warmer here in Minnesota.


butterfly said...

What a ovely sunset gracie .
You seem to have green fingers your plants always look so good.
Have a lovely week my friend , here it has been very cold .

shirley flavell said...

Hi Gracie, a great photo of the sunset. Maybe your headaches have been due to the weather conditions. I know when a thunderstorm is building up here near us I get quite bad headaches. Talk about sensitive to conditions.Also of course maybe something needs adjusting in your spine. Just thoughts anyway. You seem to be keeping busy but also doing your needlecrafting. It's warming up nicely here in N.Z. the gardens look beautiful with roses, lavender, Rhododendrons. It's actually a nice time of the year.Take care and have a good week.

Vickie said...

Aww, another sweet babe. Wow! You have given many angels flight!! I like your friendship quote. I am off for a walk with the poodles now.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

What a beautiful sky Grace. I do enjoy quotes.

Shelly said...

Gracie, I have been seeing sun dogs around the sun, they might have something to do with your headaches. If you don't know what sun dogs are, they are the rainbow looking things on each side of the sun. I saw it coming out of work just an hour ago. They usually signify changing weather and cooler weather. Changing weather, changing barometric pressure. I think you are doing very well with your plants. I always thought African Violets were tough flowers to keep alive though! Hope your day went well:)

Carolyn said...

Gracie--you are doing so well, I admire you! My husband died 18 months age and I find myself just sitting thinking quite often! But I try to think of all those memories as a little nest I can crawl into when I need comfort! I've never been on my own(we were married 53 years) so I too, find many challenges in daily living! But, we're doing it! Much love, Carolyn

Leonore Winterer said...

Your sunrise was beautiful. I hope everyone will receive their angels soon, I'm sure they will be well loved :)

Brigitte said...

Such a beautiful sunrise is a wonderful start to the day.
I always love to see pictures of your plants, Gracie.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Gorgeous sunrise. Living on the east coast we get some amazing sunrises over the sea.