Friday, July 18, 2014

Someone is watching me......

This will be the first day this week that we are not going to a doctor...the cardio tests are finished and we now wait for results.I feel confident that they will find nothing wrong. Then we move on to the next doctor...and on it goes for now. I am so very lucky. Mr H never ever complains.... but I am seeing him worry and that is hard to see. I am keeping a positive thought at all times.
A little more stitched on Hummingbird Garden...
Delphiniums are almost complete. I really love the colors in this piece. Once some definition of stems and the brick work at the bottom are  in, it will look much better. Of course the hummers will be last.... then the feeder will have a few of them hovering about. While at the doctors these past two days, I began a small...
It is called Blueberries, another lovely design from Diane Williams of LHN. Ele  (Elena) from Busy Hands Craft offered it and I was lucky enough to have her send it to me from Italy. I am stitching it on white as I may hang it in the kitchen with the Clematis and when finished, Hummingbird Garden and white background works better than cream linen. The other thought I had for this is a box top. We shall see. Look who was sitting out my front window watching me yesterday...
What a cutie. His ears are so big and hind feet so large! We have so many bunnies in our courtyards.... this fellow actually lives across the yard from me but likes our, I never tell Mr H when I see him eating them.... I think he knows though. Well, laundry #3 is in the wash, I need a cup of coffee, and backe to my craft table to stitch..... or maybe start that embroidery...still need to stuff the ornie....let's get the coffee first then I will decide. Thank you for sharing time with me and for the kind words for me and Mr H. Hope you have a grand day.

Arizona Bound
Sunday, July 17 & Monday July 18 2004
Sunday--The Brother Alan and his wife Colleen had a wonderful party for us today. The family all came and the food was great. Lots of pictures were taken for my new album. Leaving the party and saying good bye was very hard. Lots of hugs and tears. 
On Monday I had the film developed and became teary looking at all of us together in the group picture...looking at the individual pictures too. I think I will put them into the album and leave them for another day. Monday---So many things to do today...first is to get the moving truck. My friend owns the rental place. He got us a 15 foot Penske with a sliding door between the back and the cab. Perfect. The Brother Alan is coming today to help us with the packing. He has had experience when he worked for Fed EX.  I am so glad I have all the boxes in order. Dennis and I bring them out and Alan stacks them in. First in is the box spring and mattress across the sliding door. While the guys are loading I "make up the bed" for the trip. Plenty of sheets and a quilt on top. This is where the pooches Zoe(pug) and Sherlock(Schnauzer) wille be traveling across the open door I place a doggie gate to prevent them from trying to help us drive. We also want to be prepared in case we need to spend a night or two sleeping in the truck. (advise from my friend at the rental place) It does not take too long. We chat the entire time because we know this is good bye with Alan for a while. He leaves and sits in his truck for a few minutes while we talk to the next door neighbor. When he comes back he  tearfully hands me an envelope..."do not read this until you are on your way" and off he went. The pooches are frantically running about the empty house. Empty except for the quilt on the bedroom floor and a few odds and ends. We remembered to fill the cooler with ice and some food for the night. The last night in our home of 12 years that we have loved. Tomorrow is D-Day...Drive Day.


  1. Look at that bunny! So cute...looks like he still needs to grow into his ears and paws. Your Hummingbird Garden is really coming along...the colors are gorgeous! I hope that everything turns out well with the test results! I've enjoyed reading your journal posts about your move. What a huge change to move from RI to AZ. I'm sure it was so hard to move away from so many family and friends.

  2. Aww cute bunny :) so sweet *.*
    Your stitching is looking so beautiful..
    Big hugs x

  3. I love the little bunny so cute.
    Your stitching is really looking pretty , I always love the garden and flower ones .
    You are so good keeping so positive , big hugs.

  4. Your stitching is so sweet - I love the blueberries - and the bunny!

  5. That bunny!! Wow! =)
    Love reading your travel journal. Can't wait to know what your brother wrote.

  6. Love the colors also. The bunny is so cute. I have a bunny in who visits my back yard everyday.

  7. The stitching is looking great. A very nice design so far.Enjoying your travel log.Shirley N.Z.

  8. Hope all goes well with the doctors. Lovely start on your stitching, so glad you enjoy the blueberries :)
    How sweet the little bunny!!!
    Have a great weekend

  9. Hello Gracie

    Best wishes for the doctor's appointments.
    Your stitching looks beautiful.
    I like your travel journal and that bunny is just gorgeous!
    Happy weekend.


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