Monday, July 21, 2014

He waited and now they are gone

As you know if you visit with me enough, Mr H loves his garden and flowers. He once again planted Zinnias and they finally had their buds.... next day they were gone! Looks like someone snipped them off right at the bloom. So, up went the gate.....
so before closing up for the evening, the gate is up. This is the same gate we used for the pooches. There is just enough space beneath the solid gate door for a bunny to squeeze under. And then each morning I open this door and replace the gate....
Bunnies can really get into small spaces.
The lizards can continue to roam in and out but the quail and bunnies cannot. So, until Mr H gets bored with this, or is positive that no one wants his flowers, up goes the gate. I am not sure why we are doing this...all the zinnias are gone! It does not seem that who ever stole them likes the other flowers, they are still there. But, I will continue with this .... for now.
We had a nice relaxing day yesterday. I am so close to finishing the Blueberries and want to get it done so I can look for a frame when I go to work tomorrow. I woke with a little bit of headache today so I did not stitch on Hummingbird Garden at all. Mr H was up during the wee hours not feeling well so I was too. I do not kknow if yu tire of seeing these little sweeties, but this morning this one almost flew into me....
He settled down on a branch about a foot away from me. Yes, I always have camera in hand when I am outside. You just never know what you may see. It is hard to see, but he has beautiful magenta feathers on his shoulders...and his back is iridescent green. Just too cute. As I look out my kitchen slider, he is still on the branch.What a treat to have these darlings around us everyday.
I am so pleased that we have this time to visit. I hope you continue down and follow my journey from 10 years ago..... have a great day.

Arizona Bound
Thursday July 22 2004 Day 3
The pooches have been walked and I forgot to spray my self so all the bugs had breakfast on me. Need I tell you that Dennis had something to say about that. I think he said something about he should have left me home. I should remind him we do not live there anymore! On the road by 8 am and it is raining, so slow we will go. Breakfast stop was at 10:45 and time to gas up, so into the truck stop. Dennis makes a profound statement..."never again", he's got that right. The bruises have really blossomed on me now. Around 2:30 pm we crossed into Illinois and a time change, back one hour. Just what I need another hour added to my day! We make a stop at 3:45 to get the passengers some lunch at a McDonald's. I asked the counter-person for 2 hamburgers, plain. No buns, no condiments. After he repeatedly asks me if I am sure I tell him they are for my 2 dogs, and he asks if they want buns! Remind me if I am ever in Effington Illinois not to go to McDonald's again. Now  it begins to pour and thunder and lightening. Since we were already off the road, we decide to just remain there They pooches are not happy with this. Sherlock is under a blanket shaking and Zoe snuggled so close I can't breathe. It begins to let up a little so wagon ho we are off again. I stay with the passengers for a few miles and they fall asleep. As I re-enter the front I whack my head...I really wish Dennis would stop telling I should be more careful. I have a headache.There are so many rigs on the road. A tightly packed "chicken" rig passes us and Dennis says, "and I just had a chicken sandwich". I should have left him at home! Lots of wind today. Good that Dennis is a careful driver, I could never handle driving this truck and car carrier. Corn fields everywhere. The radio says another storm watch in the area. Terrific. Just what Sherlock needs! They have adjusted so far to the drive. As soon as the truck is in motion they find a spot and settle down. As soon as the truck stops, they are right at the gate. At 5:30 pm we are in Missouri and pass the famous "Arch".  At 6:45 pm we were very tired and found ourselves in Sullivan Missouri. Truck stop again and found a Chinese Restaurant and get take out. We find a Best Western just up the road so we settle in for the night. No sooner are we ready for bed, thunder. This has been a long trip and it is only day 3. We really need a good nights sleep...all of us.


  1. You two are a real comedy act on the road!! ;)

  2. I'm loving your journey news.....
    How sad Mr H had his lovely flowers 'taken/eaten by a little predator, I hope the gate keeps them out. I have this vision of a little bunny with a forlorn look peeping through the gate licking his lips lol.

  3. Lol..
    My dear I
    Love reading your journal so much
    Kisses and more x


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