Sunday, September 14, 2014

A beautiful morning

Unusual for me to be posting this late. I did my laundry and did some stitching...
hope Cinderella is not in too much of a hurray for her coach. I love this design....and I am glad I had this piece of linen, I think it is just the right shade to go with the listed DMC colors. I saw a simple frame at Jo Ann's but did not buy it. Maybe I will on Tuesday when I go in to work. was so busy Saturday. It seemed like half the department was in our go back area! My hand was a bit swollen by time 5 o'clock rolled around. I plan to have a nice leisurely day today working on Cinderella and devote tomorrow on Elizabeth. I thought about working on her this morning but decided to go over to Jeanne's place. We have such a nice time when we get together to stitch, or not. Today was a chat morning.... I love her company. I arrived back just in time for hot pancakes just off the griddle. Jeanne gave me some seed pods to plant. They come from the tree in her yard.  Yum. Mr H will plant them in a pot for now. Speaking of Mr H, he drilled the hole for me in the piece of wood I bought for Elizabeth's base. I don't think he trusts me with his drill! It is his football day.... I may just stay in the sewing room where it will be nice and quiet. Did I tell you he coaches all the teams from his comfy chair? He is normally a very quiet man, except football day. Think I will settle in my stitch chair in the sewing room and find a movie to watch while I stitch. Thank you for the kind words and for taking time to visit with me. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Another date etched in my mind

September 11, 2001....13th anniversary
We store those important dates in our minds. Some we would really not like to remember and then those that are so important that we must. They are important for many reasons, but nonetheless, we etch them to last forever. No matter where you were, no matter if you knew anyone there, it has become a date to record in our hearts as well as our minds. The struggle of peace will always be. We must always be strong and remember the lessons. Shoulder to shoulder and hearts embraced we are strong.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Disney on parade

Just had to get ....
Oh my...Lady and the Tramp fleece.....Cinderella cotton....witches and yes, Lady and the Tramp in ask what are my plans? What plans?! I just had to have wanted them. As fast as these come in ot Jo Ann's they are sold out. I thought maybe pillow cases for the day bed in the sewing room. The fleece is sized as a remnant and good for a small throw. The cotton cuts are 1 yard each.
Not much stitching to report...although I plan on doing some this morning before the dreaded dentist appointment at 8 AM. I have plans to work with Elizabeth on Friday as it will be a day off and there are no other tasks for the day. Just a few stitches to add to my RR and that will be off. I have kitted up one Christmas ornament and have plans for a few more. I like to have them ready to go and then it is easy to grab and stitch. I must stop changing my mind as to which ones to stitch! My laundry is ready to to put into the dryer so I should make a move in that direction....thanks for visiting with me today...hope your day is fun.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

stormy sky and a setting moon

I love the the clouds and the moon. I went out to get my newspaper and this is what I see...
looking East...
the possibility of more rain and stormy weather? Very dramatic. Then I turn my head to the
West....and, not the sun it's ....
the moon not quite ready to relinquish it's space in the sky. The air feels a combination of dampness and muggy. We had a brief down pour at midnight which lasted only 10 minutes. Yes I finally fell asleep only to hear the phone ring at 11:30.... an unknown caller! Usually I do not hear the phone but I had not been sleeping long. So, I have been awake. What do I do when I am up at these crazy hours? Stitch of course. I started this....
It is Cinderella from The Primitive Hare. Isabelle's design called to will be perfect with my glass coach and glass slipper. The colors are just right , just 3 colors. I had the perfect piece of linen and the correct size too. Right now, however, I am feeling both tired and hungry. As it is 6:14 AM I can't really fall asleep..... going to work today. I can at least make something to eat and a cup of coffee. So, I guess I will say glad you stopped by and thank you for all the kind thoughts and words. Have a great day.

Monday, September 8, 2014

We have had a storm

Now, I know you are thinking so what..... but today the entire Arizona Valley had the highest rainfall ever....ever! Many major roads had to be closed and secondary ones also because of flooding. It really does not take too uch to have flooding out here as the ground is so hard and dry, the rain water does not get absorbed quickly enough. The dry canal at the end of my street looks like this...
the water is about 2 feet deep and flowing. We need to be out later today and I am hoping that it does not rain again and flood more. At this moment, the sun is out and it is again muggy.
I have Elizabeth's pocket finished....
and yes, a tiny biscornu. Sorry I did not iron it yet..... with thunder, lightening and the pouring rain, I did not really feel like ironing this one small item. I think I might begin the assembling on Wednesday. I am almost ready to mail out my RR so I will get that finished and packaged today for the Post Office tomorrow. I just subscribed to Just Cross Stitch Digital magazine yesterday. This is a wonderful Christmas edition....75 wonderful designs. I have trouble getting it lately so this way it is here immediately. What I also like is that I have access to some past issues. What's not to like about that. I will download to a disc when the next issue arrives. I just picked out a design to stitch..... and made my working copy. The recipes and stories are so nice to read too. Okay, time to get moving and make the bed and do a few things so I can stitch. So glad you stopped by today. Thank you for the kind words. My hip is pretty much pain free and that dreaded headache finally went away by Friday. It is all because of your good wishes for me! Have a wonderful day.