Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blueberries, cherries and Rit Dye

As I was eating some wonderful sweet cherries, I thought to myself, or rather aloud to Mr H, I bet these dye well. So off to the kitchen and I sacrificed some cherries to get...
Luscious pink fabric and on the left Rit Dye  for an ornament I will be doing. I really enjoy these experiments, you never get the same result twice. Mr H went out and pick me some Honeysuckle and I tried that but it was not very good.... somethings work, others do not. Both of these pieces started out white. I also finished stitching Blueberries...
I saw a frame that may work for this at Jo Ann's last week. I will check today. I will tell you a story about blueberries and growing up after it is all completed. For a break I think I will start the ornament using the blue linen. A little more done on Hummingbird Garden. I have so many nice projects waiting in my basket and craft closet, it is hard to chose which to pick up first. One the Hummer Garden is complete I will start Elizabeth, the pricey pincushion. Can't let all that money sit in  a basket.  It is always nice to chat with you, glad we can. Thank you for spending time with me. My Journal resumes below, hope you have time to read it. Have a great day.

Arizona Bound
Friday July 23 2004 Day 4
8 am and the pooches want a walk; Dennis took them and they saw a deer. A cloudy very grey start to the day. I am drinking tea now as I have not found a good cup of coffee anywhere. We will be on Route 44 all the way to Tulsa Oklahoma. The temp is 90 but the humidity makes it feel very hot. The truck starts to move and the passengers find their spot and nap. I wish I could nap. Dennis tells me to go ahead and stretch out in the back. Where I ask, the pooches have done that already and anyway who would read the map? Who would tell him where to go? Who would get the soda refills for him? I am a very important part of this road trip and I do remind him of that. Dennis shakes his head and asks for soda---see what I mean! We are still traveling parallel along  Route 66...just like the series Route 66 and we are George Maharis and Martin Milner traveling in the corvette. Dennis shaking his head again and reminds me we are in in a 15 foot Penske and hauling a car. He has no patience. At 9:45 am we cross into Lebanon Missouri and the rain starts again. Breakfast and walks and back on  the road. A dead Armadillo on the road and Dennis comments that he should have not been out on the road. Crossing into Springfield Missouri and it is 11:17 am another pit stop for the passengers and me. I do have to go sometime. Next stop at 1:15 pm for gas and snacks in Joplin Missouri. A few more dead Armadillos along the way, and yes, he said they should have stayed home like us. I hear "never again" again!  Today it seems like we are not getting too far before someone needs a stop Maybe we should cut down on drinking the water/soda. The pooches are very thirsty today and so is Dennis. Okay, Tulsa Oklahoma. Finally out of Missouri. We are on the highway so we do not see much of the cities we are passing through. It is very hot today and we are sure to drink plenty of fluids. We find a rest stop and a Mc Donald's so the passengers get their hamburgers. No problem with this person understanding what I ask for. Finally time to call it a day at 5 pm in Oklahoma City. We find a Days Inn and some take out and another storm! It does not last too long and Sherlock, Zoe and Dennis are fast asleep. It is good to stretch out on a bed and get out of the truck each night. Our days are long. Dennis did not loose his patience with me too much today...I think I drive him nuts. Oh well, what can I say. Tomorrow is another day.

Monday, July 21, 2014

He waited and now they are gone

As you know if you visit with me enough, Mr H loves his garden and flowers. He once again planted Zinnias and they finally had their buds.... next day they were gone! Looks like someone snipped them off right at the bloom. So, up went the gate.....
so before closing up for the evening, the gate is up. This is the same gate we used for the pooches. There is just enough space beneath the solid gate door for a bunny to squeeze under. And then each morning I open this door and replace the gate....
Bunnies can really get into small spaces.
The lizards can continue to roam in and out but the quail and bunnies cannot. So, until Mr H gets bored with this, or is positive that no one wants his flowers, up goes the gate. I am not sure why we are doing this...all the zinnias are gone! It does not seem that who ever stole them likes the other flowers, they are still there. But, I will continue with this .... for now.
We had a nice relaxing day yesterday. I am so close to finishing the Blueberries and want to get it done so I can look for a frame when I go to work tomorrow. I woke with a little bit of headache today so I did not stitch on Hummingbird Garden at all. Mr H was up during the wee hours not feeling well so I was too. I do not kknow if yu tire of seeing these little sweeties, but this morning this one almost flew into me....
He settled down on a branch about a foot away from me. Yes, I always have camera in hand when I am outside. You just never know what you may see. It is hard to see, but he has beautiful magenta feathers on his shoulders...and his back is iridescent green. Just too cute. As I look out my kitchen slider, he is still on the branch.What a treat to have these darlings around us everyday.
I am so pleased that we have this time to visit. I hope you continue down and follow my journey from 10 years ago..... have a great day.

Arizona Bound
Thursday July 22 2004 Day 3
The pooches have been walked and I forgot to spray my self so all the bugs had breakfast on me. Need I tell you that Dennis had something to say about that. I think he said something about he should have left me home. I should remind him we do not live there anymore! On the road by 8 am and it is raining, so slow we will go. Breakfast stop was at 10:45 and time to gas up, so into the truck stop. Dennis makes a profound statement..."never again", he's got that right. The bruises have really blossomed on me now. Around 2:30 pm we crossed into Illinois and a time change, back one hour. Just what I need another hour added to my day! We make a stop at 3:45 to get the passengers some lunch at a McDonald's. I asked the counter-person for 2 hamburgers, plain. No buns, no condiments. After he repeatedly asks me if I am sure I tell him they are for my 2 dogs, and he asks if they want buns! Remind me if I am ever in Effington Illinois not to go to McDonald's again. Now  it begins to pour and thunder and lightening. Since we were already off the road, we decide to just remain there They pooches are not happy with this. Sherlock is under a blanket shaking and Zoe snuggled so close I can't breathe. It begins to let up a little so wagon ho we are off again. I stay with the passengers for a few miles and they fall asleep. As I re-enter the front I whack my head...I really wish Dennis would stop telling I should be more careful. I have a headache.There are so many rigs on the road. A tightly packed "chicken" rig passes us and Dennis says, "and I just had a chicken sandwich". I should have left him at home! Lots of wind today. Good that Dennis is a careful driver, I could never handle driving this truck and car carrier. Corn fields everywhere. The radio says another storm watch in the area. Terrific. Just what Sherlock needs! They have adjusted so far to the drive. As soon as the truck is in motion they find a spot and settle down. As soon as the truck stops, they are right at the gate. At 5:30 pm we are in Missouri and pass the famous "Arch".  At 6:45 pm we were very tired and found ourselves in Sullivan Missouri. Truck stop again and found a Chinese Restaurant and get take out. We find a Best Western just up the road so we settle in for the night. No sooner are we ready for bed, thunder. This has been a long trip and it is only day 3. We really need a good nights sleep...all of us.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

What a guy

Sometimes the plans you think you made are not what happens....Mr H was having a good health day so off we did go to The Attic....
Home with me came my kit for the Elizabethan Pincushion Doll. The hand-painted porcelian doll is beautiful. The chatelaine is really nice; I chose the silver plated ones, much less expensive than the sterling set. The silk threads and ribbons are so pretty and the cut of linen is generous. I can hardly wait to start this. Mr H was sitting waiting for me to pay and overheard the cost.... well part of it. As we sat having lunch a short time later, he asked if he heard right.... I answered yes...but he did not hear the total cost...but I just had to have her and that is why I dug into my special cash. He had to admit it was very pretty. The doll is imported from Italy by a gal who does each one by hand herself. I need a tissue to stop drooling over this! Now, back to some reality. I have a hummer at the feeder!
I must confess something to you. Now If I chose not to mention this, you really would not know, but I want to be open here...the colors for the hummer are incorrect by the direction. I looked at the wrong chart but after having stitched it and outlined it, I am going to leave it. It is not a big deal in the scheme of it all. This is what happens at 3 am! The piece itself is coming along nicely. There are 4 more hummers to do and now that I found the correct color chart, they will be stitched as directed. A little more of the garden  and finish the brick border, then the outlining and it will be finished.
I think my mind was someplace else yesterday, I wanted to post my journal on the date the travel took place...I was a date early yesterday. Shall I continue? I think I will. Thank you for the kind words and for taking the time to visit. Have a good day and read on.

Arizona Bound
Wednesday July 21 2004 Day 2
Very little sleep last night. The trucks center part of the roof is an opaque material. Great for letting some light in during the day, but awful during a thunder and lightening storm. The rain did sound nice. Dennis slept but Sherlock who was terrified of thunder kept me awake trying to choke me by snuggling up under my chin all night. Zoe just kept pushing against my back. Last time sleeping in the truck! The day started early -- 7am. Pooches walked and I decided to go into the truck stop restaurant for a much need cup of coffee. Big mistake...I do not know what it was, but it certainly was not coffee.  I talked with a couple of truckers, the ones we parked between. They suggested that we do not drive so long and bed down before dark. Good advice, better than the coffee. Wagons ho...onto the drive through a wall of mist and fog. Hopefully we will all be talking to one another today. Dennis is now saying "never again"...huh?  Breakfast stop at 9 am. All fed and walked and off again. Seeing lots of farmland and rigs, lots of rigs and road construction. Of course this was not on my map. The driver has no patience. By 10:45 we arrived in Dubois PA. More walks and I really needed to stretch my legs. It was gas and snack time. These truck stops are a world unto themselves. Such characters you only see in the movies, or so I thought. Ohio at 1:10pm and time for lunch and tend to the passengers who were very eager to get out of the truck. For saftey reasons, they are wearing their harnesses at all times; license and ID on them. A large cattle truck pulled in beside us...loaded with very big dairy cows.... this upset Zoe. The pooches seemed more settled and I still was adding to my black and blues  getting a few more.  Dennis has no patience. I rememebered I had a small mirror in my purse. I could use it to check on the passengers without giving them total attention. They were playing me for the sucker. Every time I go back it was cookie time. All of a sudden it was 5pm and gas time I checked with the girl behind the counter about any motels where we could bed down with the pooches. She even called ahead for me to be sure. We have decided to stop early each day. We ere now in Gilead Ohio at Knights Inn. I requested a room with 2 full beds; one for Dennis and Zoe and one for me and Sherlock. I am determined to get this headache gone and get a good nights sleep. I am a lovely shade of purple here and there.My favorite color, but not on my body.  All fed and walked and ready to settle down. What?! Thunder and lightening and pouring rain! Okay Sherlock we can cuddle. This is going to be a restless night...again. Oh good, as soon as it started it stopped. Yes, there are Angels watching over us.
  Day three just has to be better. And Dennis is right... we re never doing this again.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

H H & PC

Hot Humid and Partly Cloudy....the weather this morning. They predict temps of 103 or so and some rain.  I just went out for a walk and now feel like a wet dishrag! I had thought about taking the drive --- 50 miles and 3/4 of an hour ---- to The Attic, but I think I will call and have them charge and send my items. I do not want to leave the air conditioning today. Oh I know, the car is air conditioned, but I still have to get up and go. Much rather sit comfortable and stitch and watch a movie with Mr H.  Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement for him. I am almost finished stitching Blueberries. and the Delphiniums are all planted and the fence posts are up in the Hummingbird Garden.  Today starts the real journey we took 10 years ago....hope you are enjoying the saga and will return to follow along. In the meantime, glad you stopped by and hope you have a wonderful day.

I am writing these excepts from my journal as I wrote them, as they happened then.
Arizona Bound
Tuesday July 20 2004
The day started early. We packed the very last of our possessions and did the final walk through the house and garden. I will miss this wonderful home. I gathered up the maps which would guide us across the states. We put the pooches in the truck and set up the gate... there would be only one driver and that will be Dennis without the help of the pooches. And it starts; Sherlock yelping because he is not in favor of this arrangement and Zoe looking very confused. Dennis has a look of what are we doing! By 12:30 we were finally on the road. A 15 foot Penske truck with a car carrier and the car loaded on it. "We should have sold the car: was the first thing out of Dennis' mouth and we only drove down the street! I think I have a headache. At 1:30 after an hour driving we stopped for lunch in North Stonington Connecticut. One of my favorite places. ( won't be back here for a while) Zoe refused to eat but could not wait to walk and did not want to get back in the truck, Sherlock ate but refused to walk. By the time we made it to Groton Connecticut, they both settled down a little, Dennis too. Dennis mumbled a lot and I did not dare ask what he was saying. We stopped at 3:30 for gas and the pooches were offered a walk which they accepted. Dennis was mumbling again. He really has no patience. I was beginning to think that this was not going to be easy. We had many miles to go. At this point no one was talking to anyone. Zoe and Sherlock remained as far from each other as possible, Dennis said I was not going to drive . What is he mumbling about? We entered Pennsylvania and there were signs for deer crossing the road. Dennis said he did not want to see any deer and they should stay off the road.  I have lost count as to the many times I  had to undo my set belt to go into the back to tend to the pooches who had not resumed their friendship. Dennis constantly needing another soda. I began to notice a bruise on my left thigh and if I bump my head once more we may be making an emergency room stop! Oh and my left shoulder was very bruised. Dennis could not understand why I had these bruises and said that I should really be more careful. Trying to maneuver through the small pass way while the truck was traveling 60 miles per hour just may have something to do with it. Did I mention Dennis has no patience. I think I have a headache. We entered the Pocono region. Beautiful scenery along the way. It was 7 pm and we were so tired and it was dark. We stopped at yet another truck stop, ( Pilot Travel Center, Drums PA) these were great places for us to stop for food and restroom and walks. We could go no further...too tired and it began to rain. We parked between two rigs and settled down for the night. Did you know that truckers have to take a number to use the showers? These truck stops have been quite the experience. Tomorrow will be interesting, I just know it. Dennis' last words before sleep "What are we doing?"
Day 2 tomorrow.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Someone is watching me......

This will be the first day this week that we are not going to a doctor...the cardio tests are finished and we now wait for results.I feel confident that they will find nothing wrong. Then we move on to the next doctor...and on it goes for now. I am so very lucky. Mr H never ever complains.... but I am seeing him worry and that is hard to see. I am keeping a positive thought at all times.
A little more stitched on Hummingbird Garden...
Delphiniums are almost complete. I really love the colors in this piece. Once some definition of stems and the brick work at the bottom are  in, it will look much better. Of course the hummers will be last.... then the feeder will have a few of them hovering about. While at the doctors these past two days, I began a small...
It is called Blueberries, another lovely design from Diane Williams of LHN. Ele  (Elena) from Busy Hands Craft offered it and I was lucky enough to have her send it to me from Italy. I am stitching it on white as I may hang it in the kitchen with the Clematis and when finished, Hummingbird Garden and white background works better than cream linen. The other thought I had for this is a box top. We shall see. Look who was sitting out my front window watching me yesterday...
What a cutie. His ears are so big and hind feet so large! We have so many bunnies in our courtyards.... this fellow actually lives across the yard from me but likes our flowers...sh, I never tell Mr H when I see him eating them.... I think he knows though. Well, laundry #3 is in the wash, I need a cup of coffee, and backe to my craft table to stitch..... or maybe start that embroidery...still need to stuff the ornie....let's get the coffee first then I will decide. Thank you for sharing time with me and for the kind words for me and Mr H. Hope you have a grand day.

Arizona Bound
Sunday, July 17 & Monday July 18 2004
Sunday--The Brother Alan and his wife Colleen had a wonderful party for us today. The family all came and the food was great. Lots of pictures were taken for my new album. Leaving the party and saying good bye was very hard. Lots of hugs and tears. 
On Monday I had the film developed and became teary looking at all of us together in the group picture...looking at the individual pictures too. I think I will put them into the album and leave them for another day. Monday---So many things to do today...first is to get the moving truck. My friend owns the rental place. He got us a 15 foot Penske with a sliding door between the back and the cab. Perfect. The Brother Alan is coming today to help us with the packing. He has had experience when he worked for Fed EX.  I am so glad I have all the boxes in order. Dennis and I bring them out and Alan stacks them in. First in is the box spring and mattress across the sliding door. While the guys are loading I "make up the bed" for the trip. Plenty of sheets and a quilt on top. This is where the pooches Zoe(pug) and Sherlock(Schnauzer) wille be traveling across the open door I place a doggie gate to prevent them from trying to help us drive. We also want to be prepared in case we need to spend a night or two sleeping in the truck. (advise from my friend at the rental place) It does not take too long. We chat the entire time because we know this is good bye with Alan for a while. He leaves and sits in his truck for a few minutes while we talk to the next door neighbor. When he comes back he  tearfully hands me an envelope..."do not read this until you are on your way" and off he went. The pooches are frantically running about the empty house. Empty except for the quilt on the bedroom floor and a few odds and ends. We remembered to fill the cooler with ice and some food for the night. The last night in our home of 12 years that we have loved. Tomorrow is D-Day...Drive Day.