Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A blueberry story

Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments on our Arizona Bound journey. I will tell you this: we are still very happy to be living here in Arizona, we are sad that we no longer have our "passengers" from the journey with us, We never did find the box of pans! and remember we did a final check through the house when loading the truck, still a mystery. We have seen so many changes in Arizona since moving here as well in the people we have met. This weekend, we said goodbye to Joe, our next door neighbor who passed away. We will have a void in our lives. His wife Louise is still with us and I hope for a long time to come. Truth be told, we both feel our ages about now! From time to time I may post from the journal that I kept for the first year... just some experiences you may like to read about.  On to my stitching. I finally got to frame Blueberries...
I found the frame in a second hand store for $2.00...not bad and have it temporarily hanging for this picture....not sure where in the kitchen it will be. I really had to stitch this. You see, I have some wonderful memories as a little girl picking blueberries in the wild. We spent many a summer weekend at the lakeside home of a "family" member. The house was steps from the water edge and circling the lake was a wooded area with many many blueberry bushes. We  would pick and eat and pick and eat. To this day whenever I eat a blueberry I remember those wonderful days.
I also started a Christmas ornament for my tree on the linen that I dyed...
excuse the wrinkles as I am stitching this without a hoop. I love the tree... it is stitched with a closed herringbone stitch which adds so much texture. The tiny sheep is stitched with 2 strands over one in tent stitch which also gives them feeling. I am loving this one. I just may make it again for a gift. I am off to work today...I have been enjoying this one day a week schedule.... more time for stitching!
I am so pleased we get to spend time together... wouldn't it be nice if we met in person?! In the meantime, thank you for the kind words and hope you have a wonderful day.
I would like to share a picture I took last night ....
love the clouds and especially at sunset....

Saturday, July 26, 2014

There is someone lurking at me

It may only be 85 right now (6:13 am) but the humidity is at 51% so it is quite uncomfortable outside. Last night there was another dust storm...this time we did not get the dust part only winds.  Have you seen one?
This is what it looked liked crossing the southeast part of the valley.  At 3,000 feet high and miles across, they are not to be dismissed lightly. The dust is a fine powder that gets into everything.... and not easy to clean up. Although we have not driven through one, I am told it is like driving into a blizzard. The air is so still outside...
Today I opened the craft closet door to get something and ....
if she could see, she would be staring at me! Impossible now because she has no eyes... well, actually she has no face. I really should do something about her; after all she has been this way for some time.  Never know what is in this closet.... a Harry Potter closet! I have no stitching to show...a Round Robin piece I am working on, Blueberries is not completed until I get a piece of wood, and I did not work on Hummingbird Garden this morning. Today I finish my journal posting of our road trip to Arizona. Than you for the kind words and I am happy that you have enjoyed reading about it. Hope you have a nice day.

Arizona Bound
Monday July 26 2004 Journey completed
What a beautiful morning. It is sunny and very warm  for us at 103. Rhode Island does not get that high a temp during the summer months. We had a good nights sleep and are ready for our first new day. First, I must get out and clean the truck a little better. Thank goodness I had enough sheets to accommodate Sherlock being sick yesterday. I have thrown out all the sheets as we traveled yesterday and now one of our quilts. We can't believe we did it, we are actually here. It has been a long  and at times hard journey.There were a few times we all were unhappy and tired, not feeling well. But we just pushed ahead. Lessons learned on this journey? Dennis has no patience for road construction and highway detors. He thought about dumping me off a few time, so he says, but he loves me so here I am. We believe in what we are doing strongly, and that has gotten us through some rough moments. First on the agenda today is to go to the Penske dealer and remove the car carrier so we can use the car. It was very close to our new apartment so not a problem. As soon as we leave there it is on to the apartment complex. Dennis and the pooches and the truck stay outside the gated area I drive in...my first time driving here. Problem!! They cannot locate our keys. I suggest firmly they try very hard and very quickly. Lo and behold they are in our folder. What a novel idea. Along with the office gal we drive to the apartment. We will be able to park the truck right at the apartment for unloading...being right at the parking side and first floor this will be good. We noticed right away that the apartment was very warm. The pooches were restless and panting. Well, the air conditioner is not working! The maintenance guy came immediately and with adjustments it was fixed. We spent the next few hours unloading most of our belongings. We did not bring but a few pieces of furniture. It was off to the market to get some food and a few other necessities. Next stop was Target to get sheets so I could make our bed. After we all ate, pooches walked we settled down for a good nights sleep. Early the next morning was time to unwrap and take in our curio cabinet. All I could do was hope that all the glass and mirror did not break along this journey over some tough roads. Perfect...The Brother Alan did a fine job of packing. The pooches already have found their sleeping spots and are adjusting well . Tasks for the week are to shop for a sofa and chair, a dining set, and new TV. The bank is also on the list. Did I mention that we seem to have lost the box containing the pots and pans? Add that to the growing list.By the end of the week, we had settled in. We had stocked the refrigerator, the cupboards, the linen closet and unpacked all the clothing We had a sofa on order, a recliner and Cox was scheduled for internet and phone service. By the end of week two we had a sofa, recliner and cable and internet. 
The journey was an experience. Truck stops, convincing the pooches to go for walks in a new place each time, motels and lots of take out food. We are home now. A new way of life and palaces to explore. Three years in in the planning and it has finally materialized. Dennis has finally relaxed and patience returned to this quiet man. Life is good.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Slowing down....

I really do not like having too many things on my mind. Today I feel like just zipping my mind closed, at least for part of the day. Yesterday we hit a new hot day record...116 for the date...and it was hot hot hot. Even the shade was hot. We are still in heat advisory mode.... It was 113 in my garage yesterday! I haven't gone out to open the umbrellas as it was windy but I really should brave the heat and at least water the garden for Mr H. I have made progress on Hummingbird Garden and still thinking off a finish for Blueberries. I think I have it.... a bit more to think on. See, my mind is still unzipped! Today is a big day for the journal so I hope you are ready. Thanks for the kind words and taking the time to visit with me. Hope you have a grand day.

Arizona Bound
Sunday July 25 2004  Day 6
Another cloudy start this morning, cool and comfortable. The storm last night did not last too long. Hard to believe that we have had a storm every night since leaving Rhode Island. The pooches walked and I had my tea. I hope we do not have any rain today. We have been lucky to find nice motels all just off the highway and all allowing pets. A few did not even charge for the pooches .On the way again.... we are entering Indian Reservation territory. Vast open spaces. We see Elk crossing signs. Dennis is already with "I do not want to see any elk in the road". A little testy today! This does not seem to be a relaxing kind of day and none of us can get away form the other... the passengers are very territorial right now.  At 9 am we stop at a visitor center in Cibolla New Mexico. It is maintained by a Native American tribe and is beautiful. There is a small pond here and the frogs are in full sound today. I found a nice book about Route 66 and bought it. Gas and food and we sat outdoors with the pooches to eat. The pooches seem happy to be out. On our way again and Sherlock is into everything. Oh no!!!! Sherlock just ate 6 or so of his arthritis pills! Terrific, no what. Dennis is giving me a look like I gave them to him! No patience, wish I had a pill to give him. Sherlock has refused to take any of these pills since we left on this "vacation". Now I am going into the back constantly  so I can get a few more bumps check on what else he is doing. Zoe is looking very confused.... plastic and paper everywhere. Now we are on  "dog alert". If Dennis says, "he better be alright one more time" I will not be responsible for myself! So far Sherlock is too quiet. We have entered Navaho Nation territory. We seem to be making good time. At 11:30 am we stop at another truck stop. Each time we stop I have bought a thimble to add to my collection....just the touristy ones. Back on the road again. I can't believe it! it is 12:02 pm and we have entered Arizona, we gain another hour. We stop for gas in Holbrook and quickly get back on the road. We still have a long drive to get to Phoenix. Lots of cross winds today.  Lots of trains passing and I better not mention "I wonder where they are going" because, you know it, Dennis has no patience with me asking questions. It was just a matter of time for Sherlock to get sick. It is 1:55 pm and he vomited quite a bit. We need to stop so I can clean up and get out the Fabreeze to fumigate the back. I guess I was more upset than he is because he ate a cookie and went to sleep. Zoe is very upset by all this and she needs a cookie...."Calgon take me away...remember that commercial? Just crossed into Flagstaff Arizona at 2:15 pm. Another stop for Sherlock and the clean up again. When will be out of this truck?? We change to Route 17 and head straight for Phoenix now. Sherlock is sick again and Zoe is very upset. Hope this is not an hourly thing. Well, at least he is getting all those pills out of his stomach. What a wonderful sight....Phoenix City Limit sign. Although it is only 5:30 pm, we decide to stop right here at a Red Roof Inn for the night and call it a day. It seems that Sherlock is finally finished with the vomiting and now for the last clean up. I have been throwing out the sheets that he has soiled. I do not believe I have any for the bed tomorrow night! Not going to worry about that right now.  Solid ground is what we all need. Another thunder and lightening storm. Now really, this is too much. Tomorrow we will be in our new apartment.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I need a relaxing day...

I bet you are saying, but she only worked one day this week...but what a day it was. A steady flow of customers and we were only two at the counter. At times we had a third, but Lynette and I kept pretty busy. Customers were quite nice though which did help. I did look for the frame for Blueberries, but it did not look as I though so I did not get it. Thinking of something else now. Today will be interesting...Mr H has a doctor appointment at 8:15 am today...he is not an early riser. I will be sure to have an extra cup of coffee! I will take some stitching to do...but I do not have a "waiting room project" put together! I will have to gather one as soon as our visit is over. Oh you know the kind I mean. They are few supplies and easy to follow chart and very portable. I started an ornament Monday evening. What am I thinking! the verse is one over one and some specialty stitches... definitely not going with me today. Another hot day in the forecast. What can you expect when at this hour, #:30am it is 94; the temp for today will be around 110 and humidity 23%...hot is what it will be. That is the Monsoon.... from now until September... what we need is rain... sure saw lots of that on our journey traveling to Arizona. Thanks for the kind words and I am glad you are enjoying my journal. Hope you have a good day.

Arizona Bound
Saturday July 24 2004 Day 5
Morning... and the rain from last night stopped. What is with this rain? It has been on our tail since leaving Rhode Island. Every night thunder, lightening and rain. Sherlock is a basket case. Last night we did not have the thunder so Sherlock did not need to hide under the blanket. Each day before leaving the motel, I do a room check. Today it was Dennis who did  (or not) the room check and I got the passengers settle into the truck. He left the keys  in the room, forgot the 2 dog nylon chew bones and the gate. The clerk got him keys to get back in but he could only find one bone but we have the gate. Guess there will be only 1 bone in tonight's check in. They can chew on his socks. On our way. The sign says Amarillo Texas 242 miles. The map says Route 40 all the way into Arizona. Dairy cows everywhere. Who gathers them up at night? Dennis doesn't think I should be concerned which means he has no clue either. 9:10 am and the passengers need a walk, and it begins to drizzle. 10:30 am and we stop for gas. When I look at the gauge, it says half full. I ask why we are stopping and Dennis tells me he has been getting the gas each time it is half tank to be sure we have enough gas.
Why I ask, there are a million truck stops! He tells me to get in the truck.... " never going to do this again" he says. On our way again  and we are in Sayre Oklahoma...don't see that on my map, have not a clue. Cloudy now and the clouds seem to touch the ground. I feel as though I can touch them. Eerie. We finally reach Amarillo Texas and it is 1 pm and time for our half hour rest. Everyone does their thing. The passengers get excited because Dennis will join them and stretch out for a bit in the back. They want play, he wants rest and  I want to get there.  Dennis is feeling very tired today and his eyes are bothering him I did offer to drive and he went bonkers. Do I hear him right...never again... you could not pay me to do this drive again!  We are ready to start on our way and rain again. Is this going to be one of those days.Time for gas stop at 2:15 pm, you know, the gas gauge reads half. The passengers do not want to get out to walk in the rain. Which is okay with me. It is quite the project to get them wiped off after the walks. They of course still want a treat, but no walk. Crossing into Albuquerque New Mexico. Once again we gain an hour in our time.  I really do not feel like adding time, I just want to get there. Dennis says pretty soon...tired of him telling me that. It has been a long day already. Dennis thinks one more day...he is just telling me that to shut me up. Sherlock has been a troublesome kid all day. Keeps getting into everything, ripping open packages. He wants a cookie then Zoe wants a cookie, Dennis wants a drink and all I get are more bruises. Time to stop for the night at 6:45 pm We get take out.  Tonight it is a Super 8 Motel and of course it comes with rain, what else is new. I tell Dennis we should have traveled in an Ark.
We should have rented Noah instead of a Penske. He is not amused... no patience and that mumbling just has to stop! Ah, time to stretch out and hopefully the rain will stop and I can sleep.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blueberries, cherries and Rit Dye

As I was eating some wonderful sweet cherries, I thought to myself, or rather aloud to Mr H, I bet these dye well. So off to the kitchen and I sacrificed some cherries to get...
Luscious pink fabric and on the left Rit Dye  for an ornament I will be doing. I really enjoy these experiments, you never get the same result twice. Mr H went out and pick me some Honeysuckle and I tried that but it was not very good.... somethings work, others do not. Both of these pieces started out white. I also finished stitching Blueberries...
I saw a frame that may work for this at Jo Ann's last week. I will check today. I will tell you a story about blueberries and growing up after it is all completed. For a break I think I will start the ornament using the blue linen. A little more done on Hummingbird Garden. I have so many nice projects waiting in my basket and craft closet, it is hard to chose which to pick up first. One the Hummer Garden is complete I will start Elizabeth, the pricey pincushion. Can't let all that money sit in  a basket.  It is always nice to chat with you, glad we can. Thank you for spending time with me. My Journal resumes below, hope you have time to read it. Have a great day.

Arizona Bound
Friday July 23 2004 Day 4
8 am and the pooches want a walk; Dennis took them and they saw a deer. A cloudy very grey start to the day. I am drinking tea now as I have not found a good cup of coffee anywhere. We will be on Route 44 all the way to Tulsa Oklahoma. The temp is 90 but the humidity makes it feel very hot. The truck starts to move and the passengers find their spot and nap. I wish I could nap. Dennis tells me to go ahead and stretch out in the back. Where I ask, the pooches have done that already and anyway who would read the map? Who would tell him where to go? Who would get the soda refills for him? I am a very important part of this road trip and I do remind him of that. Dennis shakes his head and asks for soda---see what I mean! We are still traveling parallel along  Route 66...just like the series Route 66 and we are George Maharis and Martin Milner traveling in the corvette. Dennis shaking his head again and reminds me we are in in a 15 foot Penske and hauling a car. He has no patience. At 9:45 am we cross into Lebanon Missouri and the rain starts again. Breakfast and walks and back on  the road. A dead Armadillo on the road and Dennis comments that he should have not been out on the road. Crossing into Springfield Missouri and it is 11:17 am another pit stop for the passengers and me. I do have to go sometime. Next stop at 1:15 pm for gas and snacks in Joplin Missouri. A few more dead Armadillos along the way, and yes, he said they should have stayed home like us. I hear "never again" again!  Today it seems like we are not getting too far before someone needs a stop Maybe we should cut down on drinking the water/soda. The pooches are very thirsty today and so is Dennis. Okay, Tulsa Oklahoma. Finally out of Missouri. We are on the highway so we do not see much of the cities we are passing through. It is very hot today and we are sure to drink plenty of fluids. We find a rest stop and a Mc Donald's so the passengers get their hamburgers. No problem with this person understanding what I ask for. Finally time to call it a day at 5 pm in Oklahoma City. We find a Days Inn and some take out and another storm! It does not last too long and Sherlock, Zoe and Dennis are fast asleep. It is good to stretch out on a bed and get out of the truck each night. Our days are long. Dennis did not loose his patience with me too much today...I think I drive him nuts. Oh well, what can I say. Tomorrow is another day.