Monday, September 26, 2016

A new project

Oh I know what you ar3 thinking...?what? but I just have to. My friend Dianna Lynn goes to Hawaii every year and goes to a palace and takes a class in Hawaiian quilting and has made some lovely pieces.
Here she is in Hawaii with some feathered friends. Always smiling!
I asked if I could have a lesson with her and today we went to get the fabric.....I talked about pink on pink or lavender and purple or maybe something on white. So here is what I am working on.....

Pale yellow back round and a pretty shade of orange! The flower is an Anthodium. It is thought to bring luck and protect against evil. It is also associated with magical fairies. Okay, it is none of the mentioned colors but I really liked this together. It is all basted and ready for needle turning. Dianna is very good with the letting me do and learn although she did help with the basting. Quite a time back she helped me with a piece that she had begun but was not finishing but I put it away and believe it or not it is in the closet filed under ???? so I had to start another but this is good so I would learn form fabric folding to cutting to basting. So there you have it. Yes I am still doing the ornament and knitting the scarf. A late post by my standards...but it was a busy morning. Glad to have you here and thank you for your friendship and kind words. Hope the day is good for you.

Friday, September 23, 2016

6 Years and still going

My first blog post was 6 years ago. It took me a week to figure out how and what to do but I stuck to it and finally accomplished a blog post. I had been following and reading blogs for some time and knew that I wanted to join in. There were people I reached out to with questions and they were kind and encouraging. People like Faye Riggesbee, Mouse, and Vonna to name just a few who took the time to respond. How excited I was to have people follow me! and comment on my blog! Along the way friendships developed and also some followers left. The numbers are nice, but they are not important because the person who stops by now and again to comment is just as nice as the one who is a constant. Then there are those who have left blogging or do not post often at all. Of course there are so many reasons and it is their choice but I do miss them......following their interesting lives and beautiful crafts. I started my blog to document my work and to keep a diary of sorts. I have learned from many and have been able to share my work with people who care. I joined in many give always, held a few of my own and many swaps.....most all were successful with just a couple not so. To have a designer compliment my work has been like a gold star. It has been a wonderful experience and I will continue for time to come. Now, The Brother Alan reads and even has commented and fun is that. One day the phone rang and it was Annette calling to introduce herself and chat. So, today I say thank you to all who have been around with me for these years and welcome to all who a new to my blog. You certainly are friends that I am lucky to have.
Thank you.......

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Computer Fairies

From one day to the next...actually from one hour to another, the computer fairies do their playing within my computer.
She and her cohorts decided to change things without even asking me first. Photos now download differently, access to documents requires a master degree and only the fairies know what else is not the same! this on top of the fact that recently blogger made changes without consulting me is just too much. I will however have my own way...okay maybe not today but I will  one of these days.  It is a crazy weather day here in Arizona. The sun made a late appearance this morning then went to the cloudy playground and now popped out and right back in again. Oh, and it is humid...rain would be nice. Mr H had an appointment with the spine surgeon. That surgery is healing well but there seem to be a few other discs that are needing attention. Problem is the surgery will not guarantee pain relief as once you touch one area anther may act up. Basically his spine is a mess waiting to happen. So, he will think about it and decide for return visit in January. It is tough getting old----er. In the meantime while shopping in the craft closet I found a bag with lovely merino wool course I took it out
a scarf is started and will be a gift for someone special...shhh, can not say any more. It is a nice stitch; a variation of the brioche stitch and is soft thick and completely reversible. I made some progress on Natalia's ornament and  I put aside my southwest piece for now. I was awake at 1:30 this morning and by 2 am I was visiting with Vonna (the Twisted Stitcher) on her Flosstube videos. If you haven't stopped by to view her do yourself a favor and do so. She kept me company this morning...such a delightful lady and wonderful finisher. So needless to say I am a bit tired right now. Mr H has some relaxing Chopin playing so we both will settle down and listen. So glad you could find some time to visit. Thank you for your treasured friendship and kind words. Have a great day. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

It's Jo's Birthday!

I am helping Jo celebrate her birthday with the Big Birthday Blog Hop....
She has assigned us a year to comment on and this is her comment for the year 1981

1981 - Jo was 15.  Jo has settled into High School life and has become involved in the school dramatical productions.  The first year they performed songs from Oliver, the next year it was a 1920s evening with assorted songs, sketches and a performance of The Magic Piano.  It was during these rehearsals that Jo was approached by the drama teacher who suggested that she might enjoy being involved with the stage lighting.  This was a tactful way of telling Jo she cannot sing!  Fortunately Jo loved operating the lighting desk and building the scaffold tower to adjust the lights (Health & Safety would have had a fit!).  Jo also discovered Drama was useful for getting out of unpopular lessons - "I can't do PE, we have a rehearsal"
Now I must say this was not an easy year for me....I found it difficult to comment but here it goes....
First of all in 1981 I was 34 years old. Old enough to have been her mom! I had been married 11 years.  A few tidbits about that year: The top selling car was Toyota,  the average cost of a gallon of gas in the US was $1.25,  in the UK it was a Royal Wedding: Lady Diana married Prince Charles,  Top film was Raiders of the Lost Ark,  popular boy name was Michael and for the girls Jennifer.  That year my birthday (February 3) was on a Tuesday!   A memory does come to mind.  I was working  my second year as a Social Director (all around activity and party planner) at a nursing facility in Rhode Island.  Mary was admitted as a full time resident the year before. She was a sweet soft spoken lady who used a wheelchair for mobility and we became fast friends. Her sons lived out of state, one in Florida and one in New York.  I became her "adopted daughter" as her NY son Joe called me. One day Mary handed me a gift.....her diamond engagement ring!
I was speechless. I had only known her a short time and besides, I could not accept a gift let alone this! It only fits on my pinky now. It is 18kt gold with lovely scrolls on each side of the diamond. She and her husband came from the Azores and married there in 1910. The next day I was called into the administrators office and Mary was sitting there. After speaking with son Joe in NY, the administrator handed me the ring! Papers were signed and it was legal. Mary lived to be 104. So I guess something special did happen that year after all. Jo also asked that we post a picture of something we stitched that we think she would like...
This was stitched in the eighties and I think Jo would agree with the sentiment.....we may be miles and an ocean apart but we are friends with ever holding hands or hugging or meeting....
Happy Birthday dear Jo and good wishes for many more celebrations. Thank you for letting me participate in this blog party. Thank you my dear friends for always stopping by and for your kind words. Have a great day. Be sure to stop by Jo's place and say Happy Birthday!