Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The week in review

Oh my goodness...the entire week has passed me by. Let me think; Mr H had physical therapy on Wednesday, not sure about Thursday and Friday or Saturday and Sunday, Mr H had physical therapy on Monday.....oh dear, do I have a problem!? Not really. The days have been uneventful but I did run errands and stitch and finish. I also found a way to keep my work clean while stitching.
I am using both ends of my Morgan hoop set. The 7 inch side is for my cross stitch angel and the needle punch is on the 10 inch end. I really am glad I bought this hoop set. So, I thought how can I keep it all clean. First on the 10 in side I have a clear plastic shower cap and on the 7 inch side a clear plastic bowl cover. Pretty good!

I started the angel over and changed the colors a little. I can remember a time when I would never have  changed colors...I have come a long way. Since I am not using the listed threads the suggested DMC were not entirely to my liking. I am pleased with my choice now. I also worked on my winter couple...
I am liking this also. I decided to use one thread (strand count) and feel it is looking quite nice. I even made the pom pom on his hat with longer loops...who knew I could! Adding some texture which I learned from Lori of Not Forgotten Farm fame. I find myself becoming very brave lately. I also made a stump work bee on a box...

Mr H painted the box for me. The bee is the same as the kit I have, almost. I lined the box with that fabulous bee print I found and tucked in a small bee inside. I do enjoy the process of stump work. I wanted to practice the bee before making it on the silk dupioni and using the pearl purl gold piece. I added some painted spots to the muslin back round and voila! a bee on a box. We had some rain which is cause for celebration but I think that is why I have a headache this morning. We seem to be getting a little each day which is good. Now, if the temps would just start to get cooler I would be so happy. I guess that is about it. I know this was a lot of pictures.... but it has been a week.....So happy you visited today. Thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a great day.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mail and 2 ladies?

My threads from Anita's Little Stitches arrived...
as I mentioned in an earlier post, this was the first time purchasing from her and I am pleased. Not only was there a sale but very quick service. I am hoping to start this project soon, very soon. I have a dilemma to solve. The instructions say to use 2 strand (each ball is a 3 strand) so it would be using 6 strands all together. But...being variegated, it will be changing the shading and requires piecing as I go. So, I think I am going to punch as a 3 strand, that is using 1 strand of the colors...hope I am not confusing you...it is not quite 6 AM yet! That is my plan and I am sticking to it. Had to stop in Jo Ann's yesterday and these ladies (?) came home with me...
first is this fancy gal dressed in black lace and decorated with red roses and a fan.....I fell in love with The Day of the Dead skeletons when I moved here to Arizona. Mr H is not really fond of some of them, he thinks they are creepy. I love them. If you are not familiar with this, you can read about it here. This is the other lady who is not so "refined" but cute nevertheless..
she is a real party gal dressed in a shorter white lace dress decorated with colorful pom poms on it and her hat and wearing striped leggings. Each has a clasp so you can attach it to something.
Yesterday Mr H started Physical Therapy for his back so I started this Christmas ornament...
I have made some color changes because I am not using the specialty threads listed. It is from the PNPS magazine, Christmas 2015 issue and designed by Giulia Manfredini...love her designs. I may keep this for "going to PT stitching" and take my other small project to my "going to Tuesday morning group". I think I may have to write this all down to keep it organized!  The day here is starting out cloudy but still very warm...yesterday reached 109 and today may reach 108. I am so looking forward to the monsoon season ending.  I must run off now as I feel hungry and want must have another cup of coffee. You make my day when you visit and say hello. Thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a great day.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Waiting for mail

My next needle punch project required that I ordered on line the Valdani threads....

isn't this sweet. It is Mistletoe, designed by Yvonne Buus from the winter issue #4 in Punch Needle and Primitive Stitches ( PNPS)magazine. At first I thought I could find suitable variegated threads locally....not so. I checked on line and found first one place but they did not offer all the colors, then I found Anita Little Stitches who did have all the colors and a sale on them as well. I have never ordered from her before but I thought why not. They have already been shipped...right after I sent the order! This will be the first time that I will be punching with something other than DMC 3 strand cotton. The directions tell me to double the strand...another first, using the large needle. I am wondering how this will affect the variegated colors..... we shall see. Our weather continues to be muggy and will be so until the monsoon season ends which is around mid September. This means that we are almost there and it will be a happy day.  Mr H tells me that we had thunder and lightening the other night and I slept through it without a problem. I miss sitting outside with my stitching and reading. This heat has made me a very lazy gal. Well that about covers the happenings around here. It is so nice to have you stop by. Thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a great day.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Stuck in the middle~~~~~~

that is how it feels, stuck in the middle of the week! Wind, dust storm, rain and the sun came out to make it muggy. That was yesterday afternoon. Today it is very cloudy, dark clouds hanging overhead and muggy.
A slight streak of pink clouds but overall it is gloomy. And did I mention muggy? The monsoon brings the muggy air that we are not used to having. If we are lucky we will get more rain. What we have so far has not really amounted to very much. Ideally it would wait until after we return from the doctor this morning....so maybe an afternoon rain storm. Would be nice if we could order it so!

I managed to finish punching sunflower....
just need to think of how to complete it....suggestions welcome. It measures approximately 4 x 5 1/2. I have my next project picked out but need to get the floss for it. Hoping to get to Jo Ann's in the next day or so. I have my shopping list at the ready as well as taking sample projects to choose threads. Mr H has a doctor appointment today so not sure if it will be today.I just subscribed to Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher  (PNPS) magazine....I chose hard copy but have been enjoying access to the archive issues. I have also started a cross stitch angel ornament but not enough to show yet.  My new tablet---seem to be having issues deleting my emails. Of course when I stopped in Best Buy the other day it worked fine. It worked when I returned home but last night, well.... patience with it I do not have. Well my friends...glad to have you visit today....I thank you for your friendship and kind words and hope you have a wonderful day.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

One errand leads to another

My tablet was not working properly and it is only 3 years old. Off to Best Buy and the Geek Gal did not know what was wrong because at that moment it worked okay...of course. Mr H thought I should just get a new one --- who am I  to say no.

Of course I needed a new cover so off to Staples  because I like their covers better. Meet Samsung Tab E, or SamE. Now to learn the working of this one. So far the only thing I can not do is transfer my email addresses from the old one which means I will be putting them in manually as I go along.
 Across the parking lot from Staples is Pier 1. So--- into Pier 1 we go and came out with several items..... first is this beautiful glass pumpkin to add to my 2 others...

The new one is the green with gold highlights. It all started with the purple and gold.....then because there are those plain ones...
just had to have this twisted paper pumpkin. It just speaks Autumn and will look great on the mantel if and when this weather ever cools down. So far there is no rain in the near forecast and the sun is bright and the temps are moderate today. Only at 91 so far and expected temps of 102 for later. Before leaving the store Mr H spotted a dragonfly...we love dragonflies...
love it! At the moment is hanging in the main bathroom. There is a skylight and it will catch bright light all day. Not sure if it will remain here, but for now.
Not to be left out of new items, Mr H headed over to Home Depot for a new wet vac.

After all, the last one was 9 years old and got lots of use cleaning the pond and the garage. So, that was the adventures yesterday. There will be no punching today as my hand is swollen again. I am on the back-round of the sunflower and that will be hopefully finished in the next couple of days. I guess all the shopping did my hand in! but I sure enjoyed it. That is just about all. Thank you for visiting and thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a great day.