Sunday, May 1, 2016

Storm, birds and cucumbers and May

April showers ...April certainly went away with a rain storm....and today
we have a very cloudy start to the day. I do think the sun will pop out soon. We had been out yesterday and on our way home when the lightening and rain started and then the thunder....when Arizona has a storm it really goes all out. We certainly need all the rain we can get. Not sure what the skies hold for us today, but it is definitely cooler right now. This seems to be a good day to get some finishing done. How about an update on Mr & Mrs Dove.
It is amazing how birds tend to their nests. Every day the male sits in the nest and as evening approaches the female takes her position and he is off. Briefly yesterday there was no one guarding the nest so Mr H got a chance to check and there are twins! I have not seen the morning switch only the nighttime.
  Recently we have a Raven who has taken to our Ficus tree...
He is very loud and chatty. There were 2 of them in a courtship in the courtyard the other morning so maybe they too want to start a family here! Just what we need....they can lay up to 7 eggs! We seem to be attracting all of them this year.
May SAL is complete and on display. I am enjoying these monthly designs. The spacing of the releases (the 10th day of the month before) are just right. Someone from the group posted her finish in a great frame set up from Ikea...I think I would like to find it. We do have an Ikea  but I may just go on-line instead. It is a flip system and has 12 frames.
Look what I found this morning
I gently lifted the cucumber vine and there are a couple already growing. Okay, I know it is just about there. There are 4 vines so I do hope we find more. Everything in our garden is growing so well this year. Mr H is very pleased. Once the summer heat starts it will be a different story. I think one of the reasons the plants do well is that Mr H draws off some of the pond water when he cleans it and then uses that to water the plants. All that fish stuff is great fertilizer. I guess that about covers it. So glad you could spend some time with me....thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a wonderful day.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Lost days and~~~~~

Not bad enough when the days get lost along the way of the week, but...
No...I am not serving sport socks. What you see is a plate in the set of 4 that now only has 3 it right. Some place a desert/salad plate is all by itself, missing from its mates. There are only 2 of us in this house...Mr H and me. Neither of us knows what happened to the missing plate. As for the sock, well we all have one of those washing machines that gets so hungry that it eats, if you see a plate like this one or find my missing sport sock, please return it to questions asked. How about an update on the Mourning Dove nest....well, nothing to report as she sits and so far no hatching. Her 14 days are up so what is the delay? Such drama in the nests! Wednesday was my  meeting of Desert Threaders Chapter --EGA and we had a class in Stumpwork...
I am pleased with how it finished. I now feel confidant to try more projects. This is a small 2 x 3 design...perfect to learn with. The Cornflowers are using padding and satin stitching and the tops are similar to the Turkey Stitch.  Then there was the bead wrapping for the berries and of course the normal embroidery stitches for added filling.  Fun to do. My shawl continues to grow but not yet long enough for me. The stitching for the little purse is finished not to complete be honest, I have 3 projects waiting for completion. Just have to buckle down and sit at the sewing machine. I think that about covers what I have been up to this week. I promised Mr H  that I would make him Tapioca pudding today so that is next on the daily to do. I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for your friendship and kind words and for taking time to visit.

Monday, April 25, 2016

46 years....

I have been so lucky to have this man to love and be loved in return. It seems hard to believe that it has been 46 years! Can not imagine my life without him. Our journey together continues.....

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Houston~~~ we have lift off!

Today was the big day...first two left with the dad. He took them across the yard to the Sweet Memory Bush. He tried several times to coax the last one out but it wasn't until much later that he was ready to join them. This has been a few weeks of wonderment. First Mr & Mrs House Finch built a nest. I left threads for them and they did use them. It wasn't until Mr H took the used nest out that we found many other threads that I had tossed out at the very bottom of the nest. Things were going really well until the two nights that we had very loud crashing thunder and some rain. The nest was in a protected area, but I think the momma left and something happened because she never returned. We checked on them only to find them so huddled, you could not tell that there were 3 babies! Finally the dad did and began to care for the little babies.
He did not stay with them but would appear and stand watch while calling to them. Only after it they responded and there was no danger did he approach the nest to feed them. Since it was only him to do this, it was a lot of back and forth to keep them fed.
I was truly amazed to watch his dedication to them. They remained very still and quiet while they were alone and chatted only when he called to them. As soon as he left they settled down and not a sound or movement came from them. I am happy that they survived the loss of momma but glad that they had such a perfect dad to nurture them. I was sad to see them leave today. Mrs Mourning Dove is still nesting and it may be any day now that her 2 eggs will hatch. Nature can be cruel and hard sometimes, but this was an event with drama that turned out nice. It has been nice having you all follow this event...stay tuned for the next one!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Blooming cactus

Mr H was so excited to see this cactus bloom!~ This is the first time in 2 years...... worth the wait for sure. So far the garden is looking bright and so cheerful.... until the triple digit days arrive. Even my small herb garden is thriving. Speaking of thriving...
I know this is not a great picture, but the dad has been here twice already for feeding.I suspect because they are growing quickly. So as not to cause them stress, we are keeping our distance and this was taken through the screen door from the garage. Oh how the chat to one another when he appears to feed them.  . Yesterday one of them was flexing it's wings! Mr H thinks they will be gone by next week. Sadly the Mom had not returned. Happy that the dad is taking good care of them. The Dove nest is quiet. The momma never leaves them that we can see....but the other day she did...
and I captured her eggs...just 2. I never see if the male stops by. She quietly lays in the nest all  day/night. I think next week will be hatching time. This garden nursery yard has been very busy this year, two nests at once! Happily the Quails have not moved in.

This is the new part-time project that I started. The colors are really pretty. Stitching on 28ct linen and using the listed DMC threads. Something fun to stitch. The May SAL is almost finished.  Three projects going here....I like keeping busy! I guess that about covers it. Glad you could spend some time with me. Thank you for your wonderful friendship and kind words.....have a wonderful day.