Monday, September 29, 2014

The storms have passed

What a crazy day we had here in The Valley on Saturday. While at work it started to rain, thunder clapped loudly and then it poured and all broke loose. Trees down, power lines down and power outages. Our power went out briefly at Jo Ann's and we escorted people to the front of the store to wait it out. As soon as the lights returned, back to business. We were lucky at The Horton House, nothing broken. Mr H worried about me at work and by the time I left at 5 PM it was just spritzing. All this summer rain will certainly bring many Spring flowers for us. Sunday brought a quiet stitching day for me, that is in between resting my right hand which is beginning to swell again. I am dreading getting the injection again. So, what did I stitch....
This is from The Primitive Hare and I used 28 ct Mushroom and the listed DMC threads. Mabon is the Autumn Equinox. I love the grapes. When I was a little girl, September/October was the time we got to pick the grapes from Uncle Paul's arbors and make jam and jelly.
Then I visited my next RR partner Catherine's blog and found just what I think she will like....want a peek...

well, you didn't really expect more did you. Catherine may stop by for a visit and I would not want her to know what it is yet. But I will show you an update on Cinderella...
coming along nicely. I have several days off so I hope to get much more stitched on this, as well as my RR and the Christmas ornaments that I have started. All depends on my hand of course. After the storms of Saturday, the morning temps were delightful and Mr H and I sat out on the lanai for a couple of hours while I stitched and he did some plant trimming. It is so nice to be able to open the kitchen slider so early today and enjoy cool temps. We may have a cool down these nest few days with temps under 100...that will be delightful for sure. How pleasant to have you stop by and chat. Your kind words always make my day. I must have a cup of coffee and some toast..... have a wonderful day.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall may not be here yet, but a RR exchange arrived

There is a nip in the morning is 76 and comfy. Temps today should rise to 103 but right now it is a bit cool. I don't really think we will be out of triple digit temps yet. Mr H bought a new DVD player yesterday and whoever at Sony noted that it was an easy hookup was nuts. It took over an hour to get it all ready and able to receive Netflix. While I am at work  (short shift today) Mr H can play around with it to be sure we got it right.  Electronics, love hate relationships. Anyway, before running out for errands yesterday the mail arrived...for me....
my Round Robin exchange from June: She included lovely Vanilla sachet and thread and trinkets and pretty fabric....
and the stitched piece is so pretty. Of course, mail from the UK arrives fairly quickly but going from the USA to the UK or anywhere else seems very slow---- she has not received mine yet and we mailed them just about the same day. I am enjoying the RR exchange, it is the first I have joined. So far it has been nice. Still waiting to hear from one that I sent off to, but so it is. June is the organizer of this group and she has done a wonderful job of getting it together. It is a task to be sure. I have my next partners name so I will be thinking of what to stitch for her. She does not seem to have a blog so I can not see what she is like or likes. Definitely will be keeping my fingers crossed that I get it right. Thank you for the nice compliment on my stitching board. It is working out wonderfully. Now my pattern is not wobbling around on the armrest. When I stitch in my sewing room, I have my work table so it is not a problem. Soon I will be able to sit outside on the lanai to stitch with the sweet hummingbirds to keep me company. Guess that is about it for today....time for my breakfast. I go to work for 10:30 today but will be home with the afternoon for stitching. Your visits make my day.....hope you have a good day.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A stitching companion

My is Wednesday already. I know I am accomplishing things, but somehow I feel like I should have more done. Relax and just do what you can is what I find myself telling me myself and I. If I would only listen! Yesterday was an unexpected day off so let's see, what did I do. Well, I was able to go with Mr H to the doctor for a test....good results. Then a quick stop for floss...yes I needed 4 DMC colors...and I went to *quiet now and don't tell* Hobby Lobby...well, it was in the vicinity of the doctor's office.  The floss is for the 2 Christmas ornaments that I have gotten ready. While at the appointment I sitched on a third one, and no, I can not show it.What I can show you is.....
This is the comfy chair I sit to stitch when in the living room. Mr H just stained the low foot stool for me...nice job. That is a new end table for me.... glass top and magazine holder at the base. This is a recliner. It has wonderful soft armrests...not good for holding my pattern steady though. So, I made a firm stitching companion. I covered a board just wide and long enough to hold the magnetic board/easel with the pattern and I added side weights to keep it balanced. See the little appliqued flower? It has a magnet so my needles and pins don't get lost. The bow, just a bit of decoration. Now my pattern sits steady and I have not lost a needle. The footstool is a good height so my legs don't ache from having no resting place. When I am not stitching, it all  packs onto the tray and I can put the chair back and recline....but, that hardly happens as it seems that I am always stitching. Speaking of that, I think it is time to work on Cinderella or perhaps one of the ornaments..... thank you for visiting with me....and for the kind words. Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


You would think that I worked 40 hours a week..... I do enjoy the unexpected call giving me a day off, like today. Well, with the day off, I get to stitch and later go with Mr H to a doctor appointment. Yesterday it was to the lawyer to write wills. I really just want to sit and stitch. Making good progress on Cinderella and did start a Christmas ornament. I really must get a move on with ornaments. We have a new house member...
Betty...... I said to Mr H, what shall we name her. I began to rattle off names and he said Betty! So she is Betty. I usually bring out my Autumn decorations the first of October, but she is presently sitting in the living on the mantle. Although we officially start Autumn, here in Arizona we are still in the triple digit temps. Today might be 103... and I have no falling leaves. I do miss the trees changing color and leaves to collect, but only sometimes. I probable should have sis Lynowl send me some New England acorns. Welcome to new friends who have joined me here. I wish everyone left a way to be contacted so I could say it personally... and as always, thank you my friends for stopping by and sharing your time with me. Tomorrow I will show you progress on Cinderella and what I sewed for my chair..... until then, have a wonderful day.
PS/ I did not make Betty, she is a purchased doll. I can not take credit for her beauty!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Where have the days gone...

This week seems to be a blur. A week almost past and I guess I was busy. Oh I did work on Elizabeth one day. I must say I am overwhelmed with your kind words for her. Thank you so much. She is still sitting in the living room. I guess I should remind you of the pattern and supplies:
 Design by Giulia Manfredini in Sampler Antique Needlework Summer 2014
23-count Belfast Linen from Lakeside
Gloriana Threads Florimell silk floss in the listed colors, 8 of them
Ecru silk dupioni and olive green silk dupioni fabric
Renoir porcelain half doll from Brier Rose imported from Italy
Silver-plated Elizabeth Chatelaine&mm silk ribbon from Gloriana Threads
Some of you have wondered about our weather... first I am not in a flood area thank goodness, but yes, the rains have caused serious problems for areas South and East of us and North too. This Monsoon season has developed into annoying weather. The humidity is getting to my asthma. I am still working on Cinderella.... hope to finish this weekend. I did pick up a white frame for it on sale at Jo Ann's that I think will work nicely. The beginning of the month Vickie offered a Bent Creek design, Dinner's Ready and I was lucky enough to receive it....
I love how she finished hers and may have to do one like it. Vickie included beautiful counting pins which I love; look how delicate they are.....and seeds for Shirley Poppies for Mr H to plant in our garden. How sweet is that?! Since I pick this out of the mailbox on my way to work and did not open it until I remembered it was in my bag this morning, he will be surprised.This weather has played havoc on his garden. Besides stitching on Cinderella (yet to start Christmas stitching!) I bought some beads to make a few Spiders... some Christmas others for Halloween. It is always my pleasure to make them for friends. I think it is time for me to get back to my glad you stopped by today. Hope you have a wonderful day.