Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Slow and easy does it

I must admit to some stitching...
I took my time; cutting using a rotary cutter, ironing, and started the stitching of the pieces. This will be a Pentagon Sewing Box from
Penny Rugs and More. Colleen has a wonderful blog. Her work is lovely and great tutorials. I chose to use flannel shirting for the outside and paisley cotton for the lining. Colleen's method for assembling the pieces is easy. Still have to think about the trim for the top of the box. The stitching is easy and I am taking my time with this. I am finding the hand sewing a bit easier right now, less on my hand than the cross stitching. Yesterday our monthly stitch group met and look what I got from our stash table...
Of course I can not tat right now, but look at the books and did you notice the price on the shuttle that is still on the card?! Can you remember such a price~~~39 cents! There is even a little drawstring bag to hold the shuttle and there are a few practice pieces inside. I did try to work on my started motif from eons ago, but I can not get the right feel/tension with the shuttle. So many things and not able to do.... Today is therapy.... I guess I will have to admit to some needle in hand since I last saw Jake. I just looked at the time! Here it is 4:15, I have my second wash on, a post for the day. I guess it is time to make a cup of coffee and settle down to The Thin Man movie that is on. Glad you stopped by to visit. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement and most of all your friendship. Have a great day.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Another month off

Saw my hand doctor on Friday afternoon. First thing he said "I don't see you back to work yet". On that we agree. Limited stitching... more therapy and immobilize it more during the day. At night I wrap my hand in an ace wrap to keep it from flexing during sleep. But I have projects waiting for me I said. Dr Brad just looked at me and smiled and said he was going to give me injections.... call out to Mr H to come and sit with me...
2 injections at the base of my middle finger and 2 at my wrist....pain....tears....and meds! I did not feel my hand for several hours then the pain set in.  Now I don't mind the limited housework and we know I do not cook, but I am frustrated not being able to stitch enough!  I have everything set to do but when? Today I handed my Leave of absence  slip in to Jo Ann's....I think the med is giving me a dull headache and upset stomach, luckily it only lasts for an hour or so. And that my friends is very good because Mr H is getting ready to make my dinner. I thought I would update you on my slow progress...thank you all for your encouragement.... Have a good night/day... talk with you soon.

Friday, July 24, 2015

An afternoon post~~~~

Just finished framing Gracie's Meadow
I am really pleased with how it looks. I was so lucky to find a square frame at Jo Ann's that fits the design size which is 5 inch square. This was a fun stitch to do. If you remember...it began here with acrylic paint for the sky and land and a few snap shots of flowers that I had taken and to this. I think I may do a few more; seasonal scenes and they can easily be put into this frame. I have sketched out a couple of ideas. Due to restrictions with my hand I best start them soon if they are to be done at all. Today I see the Hand specialist to report on my therapy. The therapist and I agree more OT is necessary and I am most certainly not ready for work. I do see minimal improvement which is good.  I will be emailing the August Card Exchange list over the weekend. I am so enjoying the handwritten notes and I have even found a couple of recipes and tidbits in some of them. A few of the gals have been part of this every month since we started! I better check my stamp supply....off I go to ice my hand....boring! Thank you for stopping by this day...hope you have a good day.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I think I got lost

Some days seem to blur.... I am not sure what I have been up to! I do know I put a few xx's here and there.... but not enough to take a picture of. I have been to therapy and Jake, my therapist, thinks I need to continue a bit more. There is improvement but maybe more can be achieved. On Thursday he will again take measurements to see. I do see some improvement, but I want more. One day at a time. I must compliment Jake for coming up with ways to help...
This is new strap helps to stretch my finger which is still a little stiff. Instead of me holding in this position ( and it does hut) and not giving it full time to help, this holds it in place. Not the most comfortable, but we hope it will be effective. Home therapy now is with icing, brace, compression glove and now this... no wonder there is little time or comfort for stitching! Oh the mail brought me a gift...
Lynda Ruth is part of our Card Exchange....she sent me a lovely note, a Canadian pin and a thimble! How unique, it is a shape of a house.... love the pin...thank you Lynda Ruth. Speaking of cards, this is it...I will be e-mailing the list on Friday for the August Exchange...so it you are interested in joining us, please let me know. Seems the day here is starting a bit cloudy, but it is expected to warm up to 102 or so. Just another Arizona day....
Back in March I joined the EGA...and finally got my membership card... looking forward to "joining" in and learning new things. So much I want to do!~ Well, at the moment the washing machine is calling to me and I need must have a cup of coffee.... think I will make it an iced coffee. I am so glad you took time to visit...thank you for the encouragement and most of all your friendship. Whatever your plans, I hope you have a wonderful day.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Bracing for the hand....

Therapy on my hand is continuing., This week I have the added pleasure of wearing a brace while sleeping..
It  is hard plastic that was molded to fit my hand. It is to prevent my hand from making a fist while sleeping. The swelling seems to be down some but the aches and pains still persist. This lovely contraption is held on with Velcro
 which makes it easy to put on and of course remove when it feels to much. I can not use the hand with it on.... that is the purpose. As you can see in the picture, my hand is still swollen...I have started to do a bit of the therapy on my own at home. Seems like this is taking forever to right itself. I have been taking the occasion xx's here and there. It is frustrating not to cross stitch. I was glad I found those origami ornaments to make.... but even that takes more time. That is about it for today my friends. I must have breakfast real soon....and of course a cup of coffee. If you are interested in the August Card Exchange, there is still time to let me know. Hope you all have a wonderful day.