Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Someone new for the tree

Busy day yesterday..... first was our monthly stitch group. Then I was suppose to go to PT, key word as I thought it was for 2 pm but it was for 1 pm. So much for remembering. Then it was off to Best Buy... new TV for the hubby (and me of course). Knowing that I would not be able to lift the old TV and then set up the new TV,  I called on neighbors and friends Don and Glenda to give a hand. The boys did the TV thing and Glenda and I sat outside with a glass of wine. I did start on Dear Santa yesterday morning but came home to finish Gingerbread Mouse
I love it! I love Just Nan projects and the kits are always generous with the embellishments. I stitched on  28 ct linen from the stash anice medium dark color and the listed DMC threads. I love the metal button for the bottom. She will look cute on the tree. Speaking of trees, I hope to get my Christmas stuff out from the garage cupboard this weekend. I will be going in to work at 6:30 am on Black Friday so Thanksgiving day will certainly be a day to rest before my long work day. I will also be going in on Saturday.
Just got the name of my new Round Robin partner so I will be getting that ready to stitch. In the meantime I will work on Dear Santa so I will be able to display it for Christmas. Hope my 19 year old Santa will be ready on time too. Thank you for taking the time to visit and for the kind words that always make my day, and I hope that you have a great day yourself.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Early start to my stitching day

As I was walking down the main aisle at Jo Ann's (going in to work), I thought I spotted someone I knew... well, someone I knew from blogging. I passed and then turned and called out "Hello Dawn". She turned and then went chatted. Yes, it was Dawn from Golden Angels Work blog and FB. We have been following one another for some time and here we finally meet. You just never know who will be crossing your path....especially at Jo Ann's. I am busy already this morning starting a new or maybe 2 new projects....
I just had to send for The Primitive Hare's Dear Santa and have to make Just Nan's Gingerbread Mouse. Of course when I went to kit up for them, I was missing a few threads! I just do not know where these threads disappear to! I guess the faeries have been visiting again. One day I think all the missing threads are going to materialize and bury me.....
Since our last chat, my injection was not too bad. I think it is helping but only a tid bit. Thanks for all the kind thoughts and encouragement. Two more PT sessions and the last injection on December 4th. Then we shall see.....In the meantime, I shall return to stitching and make some toast to have with my second cup of coffee.Have you started to decorate for Christmas yet? My plans remain to wait until after Thanksgiving...which is next week! It was so nice to visit with you.... I will stop by your place soon. Have a nice day.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mail x 2

My PT session was not too bad yesterday. One of the exercises I was unable to do last week I did this week. as well as a few new added steps. Today is injection day. I am not looking forward to this at all. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday----torture days. Before you ask, I only feel slightly better. But, I am giving this the "old Girl Scout try"; that is to say, I will do this in hopes of not needing surgery. The reality is that this does not repair the tear or spur . Now before you ask, yes, I was a Girl Scout!
Yesterday's mail brought me....
My Christmas Ornament Exchange from Angela in Singapore..... isn't it cute. Bells and a snowflake charm. It will look so nice on my tree. Along with the exchange, Angela sent me a RAK. We both belong to the group, and this is what she sent....

lovely fabric, pretty trim and buttons and charms....It is a pleasure visiting your blog, Pretty Little Things in a Box. Angela is very talented. Stop by and see for yourself.
I must get to the Post Office to get a couple of packages out this week. I am going to try to get a few of my going back East packages out early too. They just need to be gift wrapped. My friends Lu and Stan already have been decorating. The temps there today will be around 43...cold! I do not miss that at all, at all! We are still in the 70's and I love it. The other day while Mr H and I were in the yard, this fella came to visit

 He is a Costa's Hummingbird. Just look at the vibrant purple... and he is sitting in the shade! What a sweet little guy. He is not afraid to hover close to us or sit and let us approach. This is a tree on the opposite side of the yard where our resident hummer sits. Each of these 2 trees has a feeder to keep everyone happy. I have a couple of hours before the needle..... so I think I will settle down with my cup of coffee and think about the finishes I will do later. Thank you for visiting with me and your kind words. Hope your day is grand.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Finish work today

I over slept today, here it is 4:30 am and I am just getting out of bed. Coffee is brewing, my body is tired but my mind is asking what project next? First on the agenda is a visit to the torture room with Alicia for PT at 8 am. Then it will be home for much need ice and then it will begin. I have 2 ornaments ready to be finished. Both to be mailed tomorrow. Then and only then will I gather up the next 2 projects. Oh yes, I know which they are. One has been kitted for awhile just waiting and the other I just received as a gift. You will have to wait to see which they are. I can show you Santa....
he is off being framed at Jo Ann's and should be ready by December 3rd. A simple frame for him as he is old world and not fancy. I know some people do not like to do outlining, but it does bring everything out... it pops the design. You can see the difference in this 2 pictures.....
Now the bells jingle and the holly and berries pop. It really  makes a difference doesn't it. I look forward to having him displayed in time for Christmas. I have signed up for a Christmas Card Exchange.... I love sending Christmas cards. This will be a simple card no gift exchange. At this time of year it is nice to do something so simple as this. I send electronic ones also, not as nice maybe of having one in hand, but they are animated and musical. I smell my coffee so off I must go. Glad you visited today and thank you for the kind words and your friendship. Have a wonderful day.

Friday, November 14, 2014

An update

Had the first of three injections yesterday. Mr H came along but waited in the comfort of the waiting area while I timidly walked into the torture room. The PA, Jennifer was very nice and I must say gentle. I asked her if I could just leave the knee, go for a coffee in the hospital cafeteria and and she sweetly said that I should not worry. It was two procedures; the first was to remove more fluid (16 cc) and then the injection. Both were painful and lucky for me quick. This will be the last time that I can have the fluid withdrawn because of the medication being injected. I am quite achy today. I did have to get a different brace so I will be trying that today at work. It is obvious that on injection day I will not be able to go to work. I returned home to ice and rest it. Santa is coming along.... My goal is to start the outlining Sunday, or Monday. So close to the finish! It is a bit chilly here in The Valley of the Sun....only 58 and temps is expected to be around the mid 70's today...guess I will have to dig out a sweater! The sun is someplace behind the clouds. Some flowers thrive with the cool temps...

 bright Petunias are today's sunshine. 
Hope it is lovely where you are. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind thoughts and well wishes for me. You certainly do make my day.